We are often asked who we are and what we do.

FARM is many things at once. We are a cross disciplinary design practice. We are an architecture atelier. We are a curatorial team. We are a community-centred arts organization. We even run a design research lab.

We call ourselves FARM because we would like to cultivate a culture of imagination. Underpinning all we do is a belief that joyful creativity is essential in all our lives. FARM endeavours to share with you that delight in each of our projects.

Since 2005, FARM has worked on community projects which promote the arts. We organise national public art competitions and events. We arrange free quarterly talks by designers and artists. In 2007, FARM established its cross disciplinary design arm. In collaboration with artists and designers, we work on a diverse range of projects. These include architecture & interior design, product design & merchandising, graphic design & branding, art installation & sculpture, exhibition design & curatorial work.


Our studio is made up of young, energetic, often eccentric but always insanely happy people. Our studio culture is where work and play mingle, intertwine and sometimes become indistinguishable. Despite the occasional hectic schedules and deadlines, we hold this dictum close to our hearts :
"Work Hard & Be Nice to People".

B.A. Arch., M. Arch.
Torrance graduated with an architectural degree from the National University of Singapore. His adventurous spirit led him to work with Alsop Architects in their London and Singapore offices.

The love of the local and the arts prompted him to start up the FARM as a non-profit design and art society.

Torrance believes that his designs should be delightful and have an element of surprise.
Selwyn Low
Selwyn Low
B.A. Arch., M. Arch.
Selwyn has a childhood dream of becoming a stationery shop owner, which explains his fascination with neatly-arranged books and pens in an array of colours.

He believes that good design should be made accessible to the masses, through the implementation of clever and sustainable market structures.

Selwyn says that his happiest places to be are East Coast Park and Pulau Ubin but we think it's actually the old hawker centres dishing out yummy local foods.
Peter Sim
Peter Sim
A.R.B. (U.K.), B.A.Arch., B. Arch.(Hons.)
After working in the UK for a few years, Peter returned to Singapore in 2006 to do something special. He got together with the guys at FARM and together they formed WORK.

Peter believes that architecture and design should be clever, responsible and never too straightforward.

Apart from good design, Peter loves fishing, his dogs, his children and his wife, though not necessarily in that order. He would also like to be a vet.
Tiah Nan Chyuan
Tiah Nan Chyuan
B.A. Arch., A.A. Dip. (U.K.), B.O.A. Reg.
As a little boy, Nan Chyuan would spend hours cycling around his neighbourhood, making sketches of houses he saw. And it was clear then that there was nothing he would rather do than architecture.

He finds beauty in geometry and patterns. From furniture pieces to urban planning, he believes that good design should be responsive, intelligent and sincere.

Putting architecture aside, Nan Chyuan likes to think that he is actually a semi-retired footballer.
Willie Koh
Willie Koh
Adv. Dip. Film, B.A. Arch.
Besides being a self-professed hopeless shopaholic, Willie is a very good listener. He thinks that he would make a counsellor.

He finds pleasure watching the most obscure films at 3am in his attic.

When he retires one day, you would find Willie in a little French village with a vineyard in the backyard, wondering about the constellations at night.
Susanne Teng
Susanne Teng
B.F.A. Visual Comm.
Susanne, our lovable closet Ah Lian is a graphic designer at FARM. She has no idea why or how she begun graphic designing but nonetheless she enjoys every minute of it.

The flexibility and how opinions and thoughts can be voiced out and discussed openly are what she likes best about working at FARM.

Other than designing, she would love to sell ice-cream at a mama shop so she would have an endless supply to last her a lifetime.
Lee Hui Lian
Lee Hui Lian
B.A. Arch. (Hons.), M. Arch., B.O.A.
It is the aesthetics of spaces, objects and materials that brought Hui Lian into this line of work. She loves the funny people and large windows in the FARM house.

Multi-tasking is not her forte but she can drink teh and do her drawings at the same time.

Hui Lian is hopelessly afraid of living things with too many legs or no legs at all but surprisingly is cool with cockroaches and spiders.
Rose Chen
Rose Chen
Dip. Marketing
Rose oversees FARM's finances and human resources. She has learned to appreciate the creative work of her fellow colleagues since joining the company in 2011.

She believes that one's life is not measured by how much you have but the love and joy you bring to the people around you each day.

Rose champions a healthy lifestyle – she enjoys working out at the gym and morning walks around Garden by the Bay, to admire the beauty of Creation.
Gareth Low
Gareth Low
Dip. Furniture/Interior Design
Gareth wants to be a part of everything FARM does, from graphic to product to spatial design. Never afraid to get his hands dirty, he loves building things with his own hands!

He sincerely believes that even if he's not good at things at first, he will learn in the process and become better eventually and it will all come together as a whole.

Well if he ain't a designer, he would probably become a professional actor, soccer player, dancer, or a gamer...
Panna Chee
Panna Chee
B.F.A. Visual Comm.
Panna likes to build plastic robot models, enjoys watching and playing his soccer, and can’t live without his Korean dramas, although this last point is almost unexpected of him. Almost a hedonist, Panna believes that one's life is measured by how much one is able to enjoy life.

If he wasn't a graphic designer, Panna would like to fulfil his childhood dream of being a pilot and taking to the skies.

In the future, Panna would like to travel the world in 100 days.
Elwin Chan
Elwin Chan
B.A. Mass Comm.
Elwin is a creative and collaborative storyteller with more than 20 years of experience in strategic communications and copywriting. He is interested in design as a tool for problem solving; architecture as a means of shaping human behaviour; and writing as a way to learn about life.

In his spare time, Elwin enjoys watching documentaries, reading poetry, travelling, and looking at art.
Teo Guan Sin
Teo Guan Sin
B.A. Arch. (Hons.), M. Arch., B.O.A. Reg.
Perhaps it was naïve, but architecture offered the solution when Guan Sin could not bear to choose between the arts and sciences. She believes that good design creates better memories; when memories are layered with the physical, or occur within spaces, time spent is more tangible, and the recollection of emotions is better felt.

Guan Sin is occasionally melancholic, but enjoys a good laugh, and observing the weather. She secretly loves studying maps, travel routes, and sometimes, dictionaries and thesauruses. Guan Sin often wishes that there was a 24-hour public library in the park, so that she can be in two of her favourite places simultaneously, at any hour.
Tan Qian Rou
B.A. Arch. (Hons.), M. Arch., B.O.A. Reg.
Qian Rou spent many blissful years casually interested in architecture, but once the fascination sparked, it soon became an obsession. Now there's no turning back. Equally hopeless is the caffeine addiction that resulted from architecture school.

QR is a firm believer in architectural theory and critique, cross-disciplinary design, the importance of pedagogy, and ultimately, the autosave function. To QR, design is less an occupation and more a way of seeing.

In what spare time available, QR enjoys reading, music, and climbing things. QR is a great admirer of the Shelleys and Virginia Woolf. In a parallel universe, QR is a medical historian.
Ho Shuwei
Ho Shuwei
B.A. Interior Design (Hons.)
Since young, Shuwei has cultivated an obsession with blank spaces and large windows. The limitless possibilities that spring forth from such emptiness of space and openings into the unknown led him eventually towards a career in the design field.

Ever the perpetual dreamer, he is also a huge fan of Archigram, the avant-garde 1960s architecture group. It comes as no surprise then that his dream is to dwell in the hypothetical retro-futuristic reality, and perhaps never come back.

If he wasn't a designer, Shuwei would probably be in Hogwarts, learning levitating spells and unforgivable curses. Wingardium leviosa!
Nina Arily
Nina Arily
B.A. Interior Design (Hons.)
Since she was young, Nina has always busied herself with rearranging furniture and things in her room, shuffling them about whenever she got bored with the space. It was no surprise that she eventually went into design, and graduated with a degree in Interior Design from The Glasgow School of Art.

Nina is also a big fan of Japanese architecture and interiors. The experience of being in a tastefully designed space excites and humbles her at the same time.

A dreamer and a linguist wannabe, she is constantly searching for words in space, that is when she is not painting a picture of unicorns and rainbows in her head.
Lijin Tan
Lijin Tan
Dip. Interior Arch.
It was the yearning to own beautiful objects which eventually led Lijin down the path of design. She would spend time wondering how an object would fit a specific interior, or how a dress might look hanging in her ideal walk-in wardrobe. Before long, Lijin’s thoughts were being translated into reality through interior design.

Lijin believes that one’s life is measured by experiences: travel, interactions with people, activities and even work. The good, the bad and even the mundane all build you up to reveal a new person with each passing day.

If not for design, Lijin would like to become a scriptwriter, plotting out shocking twists and spinning dramatic endings to rom-coms and psychological thrillers.
Janice Chu
Janice Chu
B.A. (Hons) Spatial Design
A fascination with sketches of spaces was what led Janice down the route of design. She would often find herself drawing different spatial layouts, exploring how different objects and materials can be used in a small space. This curiosity eventually evolved into her chosen career of design.

Janice is a visual person, and has the useful talent of watching detective shows while simultaneously working. Surprisingly, she has found that this helps her in her concentration.

In the future, when Janice retires, she would love to travel around the world, sketching the sights and eating her favourite fruit, watermelon.
Wong Xiu Hui
Wong Xiu Hui
Dip. Visual Comm.
To Xiu Hui, design is a form of storytelling that makes people aware of and ponder on, to quote Michael Bierut, “things that [are] about something other than themselves”.

If she isn’t seeking new illustration or design ideas, Xiu Hui is probably playing a tune or two on the Guzheng, reading 18th-century romance novels, or binge-watching dramas.

In the future, Xiu Hui hopes to be able to contribute some of her time to animal conservation, looking after baby orphaned mammals or rescuing sea turtles. But until then, she is humbled to be working alongside amazing FARMers, who are not only passionate workers, but also warm and great individuals who have always given her so much guidance and patience.
B.Sc. Arch.
A younger Julie never thought she would be involved in architecture. Growing up in the countryside, Julie was more interested in landscape design. She loved spending time on the grass, or reading books on a lazy afternoon. She still likes biophilic designs the most.

Julie was introduced to architecture through history. A project documenting the past and construction of the century-old house ‘Nido-Lindo’—‘beautiful nest’ in Spanish—inspired Julie to create her own ‘Nido-Lindo’ someday, and is one of the reasons she still pursues architecture.

If she is not working, Julie is in front of the television watching basketball, or learning to play the piano and other string instruments. If not for architecture, Julie would be a sideline reporter, interviewing her favourite basketball players.
Nowelle Tan
Nowelle Tan
B.Sc. Arch., M. Arch.
Nowelle believes that architecture is more than the construction of a space. She loves when it becomes a story teller, relating the lives of people in and with it. She finds inspiration in making sense of spaces through the lens of previous users. Nowelle strives to create meaningful spaces that connect with people, adding chapters to their continued stories.

When Nowelle isn’t working, she’s walking her dog Toby at the park. She also likes to eat. A lot. Nowelle’s peers can attest to her unhealthy obsession with steamboat. If Nowelle were to choose a super power, it would be time travel. She would use it to visit places in the past, and also to get a couple more hours of sleep in the mornings.
Cheryl Leung
Cheryl Leung
B.Sc. Arch., M. Arch.
Cheryl always had her head up in the clouds, seeing the city from different perspectives, while picturing herself in movie scenes. After stumbling upon architecture, she now appreciates cities through their thoughtfully designed spaces. Cheryl loves beautifully drawn city maps, and how they are more than two-dimensional depictions of the physical world.

Cheryl has always loved fiddling with different tools and materials; she enjoys the process of building miniature models, as it give insight into the intricacies of the design. If she wasn’t a designer, Cheryl would probably aspire to be a chef. She believes that the best people love to eat. On weekends, Cheryl enjoys being outdoors. She likes to think she’s a plant: happiest when soaking up sunshine, or swaying in the rain.
Cindy Lee
Cindy Lee
M.F.A. Interior Design
To Cindy, interior design is not just the visual and atmospheric improvement of a space, but also a continuation and deepening of architectural design, and the holistic coordination of materials in a built environment.

Cindy believes that the beauty of art is pursued in life. Design comes from life, and details create quality.

When Cindy is not thinking about design, she enjoys hiking and eating. To her, both are about observation; of nature and our surroundings, of natural ingredients and their inherent tastes and properties. By observing life with your heart, you can let design interact with life.
Mellissa Yap
Mellissa Yap
Dip. Arch., B.Envs. (Arch.)
Having taken a leap of faith into architecture, Mellissa found herself enjoying the process of model making – putting little pieces together with her tiny hamster hands and letting them work their magic. She believes that models play an important role in architecture, allowing people to visualize great design and guiding their understanding of the intended space.

If Mellissa wasn’t in architecture, you would probably find her teaching in a kindergarten, or on some island conducting turtle rescue missions. Someday, Mellissa dreams of designing and retiring in her very own farmhouse Down Under, having a few white horses, and riding off into the sunset with her partner-in-crime.
Pamela Lee
Pamela Lee
B.A. Interior Design (Hons.)
For Pamela, stepping into the world of interior design and burrowing her head into an exploration of details, colours, materials and more has been a whirlwind. To have her designs move from concept to reality has been an eye-opening journey.

Off work, Pamela can be found soaking up the sun and exploring various places with her handy-dandy viewfinder. Alternatively, she is seeking out local food haunts, as she strongly believes that happiness is a full belly.

If not for design, Pamela thinks she might be working at a ski resort lodge in the Alps, enjoying the views of snowy mountain caps, and endless snowboard sessions in her free time.
Vachiraporn Treemark
B.A. Interior Environmental Design
Since young, Vachiraporn has a strong passion for interior design, and her journey in this field has been quite exciting and fulfilling.

Her internship was a fun and valuable learning experience, making her foot in the interior design industry, providing practical exposure and helps individuals understand the nuances of the profession.

The fact that she is drawn to this field because it's always evolving and offers continuous challenges is a testament to her commitment and enthusiasm. Indeed, the world of interior design is dynamic, with endless design possibilities, which makes it an exciting and ever-changing industry to be a part of.
Kelly Aquilino
Kelly Aquilino
B.Sc. Arch., PMP
Kelly’s preference for ensuring a building’s functional layout over focusing on pure aesthetics has been influenced by his experience in dealing with end-users and building owners.

Kelly loves Calvin and Hobbes, and has a large assortment of books, comics and manga. He likes to spend his time flipping through his collection while stuffing himself silly with chips, chocolates, ice cream and various other sweets.

Kelly also enjoys meeting with old friends whenever he makes a trip back home and taking these opportunities to reminisce on their childhood antics and escapades.
Sean Poon
Sean Poon
B.A. Arch. (Hons.), M. Arch.
Sean's earliest memory of architecture is a photograph; the image's chiaroscuro emphasising the spatial atmosphere. For the longest time, this was what architecture meant to him - an inhabitable phenomena, a work of art. School has since convinced Sean that architecture is a messy, all-encompassing set of intertwined systems and objects.

Architecture aside, Sean is a news junkie - he cannot start his day without a BBC podcast and espresso. In his free time, Sean revels in books that are haunting, poetic, or surreal. He also enjoys the occasional run, to see the world go by and ponder about it.

If not for architecture, Sean might have thrown himself into the heady world of international relations, or perhaps journalism.
Tan Jou Wen
Tan Jou Wen
B.Sc. Arch. (Hons.)
Jouwen believes that in the process of architecture, it is vital to craft spaces expressly and specifically for the people who will use them, in order to create a genuine impact. While the design may not end up being ‘perfect’, it will be focused on and concerned with what benefits the users.

Jouwen is a crazy plant lady, who has basically turned her room into a jungle full of foliage and lemon trees. Although, without the gift of a green thumb, Jouwen routinely needs to buy new plants to replace dead ones. You’ll probably find her shopping at the plant nursery on most weekends.
FARM_NUTTHAPON_300X300 (1).jpeg
Nutthapon Jujun
B.A. Interior Design
Nutthapon graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design from Silapakorn University. With a strong foundation in the field, it is invaluable when working as a 3D renderer for interior design projects. Having a decade of experience in this field is likely means he has honed his skills and expertise in 3D rendering.

His enthusiasm for his job and the excitement he feels when the designs become real is a testament to his passion for what he does. It's often the case that seeing a project come to life in 3D renderings and eventually in the real world is one of the most rewarding aspects of working in the field of design.
Sirirat Thanachadchoosagul
B.A. Interior Arch.
With a strong passion for interior design and a keen eye for detail, especially in creating clear and detailed drawings to communicate design concepts effectively. Sirirat believes that drawing serves a powerful language in the field of design, allowing her to convey ideas and visions to others.

Sirirat spend her leisure time cooking, enjoying food and spending time with friends and her pet bird.

If she is not a designer, She will become a Shabu restaurant owner or be traveling around the world, exploring different cultures, gaining a broader perspective.
Sri Saravanan
B.A. Arch. (Hons.), M. Arch., B.O.A. Reg.
Sri has considered a wide range of careers over the years: comic artist, politician, author, musician, carpenter, dog whisperer and gardener. Architecture beckoned after he realised how it can affect and structure the narrative of our daily lives, while still relating to many of his potential paths.

Sri enjoys all aspects of making a building: drawing and revising layouts, addressing regulatory requirements, working with clients, consultants and contractors, and walking sites from the day they are holes in the ground up till the final coat of paint dries.
Png Jun Kiat
B.A. (Hons) Design Comm.
Jun Kiat stumbled upon his love and passion for graphic design in his teens, after many years of wondering and pondering what was he going to do in the future with his love for art. He believes that design is an extension to help communicate and express what is the mind into something visual, regardless of form, and medium.

When he is not at FARM, you will either find Jun Kiat on his long strolls gathering inspirations and observing people, or on his hunt for the best cakes in town.

If Jun Kiat wasn’t a designer, in another alternate universe, he will be a Star Fleet Captain flying a spaceship in space, exploring new planets, and to boldly go where no one has gone before.
Jaxe Pan
Jaxe Pan
B.A. Arch. (Hons.), M. Arch.
Though trained as an architect, Jaxe believes that design encompasses all aspects of our lives and its theory applies across all mediums. She immerses herself thoroughly in other disciplines to explore how to best express an idea.

Innately drawn to all creative means of self-expression, Jaxe has dabbled in tech, fashion, graphics, painting, music, writing, and culinary adventures to varying degrees. She is also the proud owner of handmade terrazzo brand Lefon & Co.

Jaxe's childhood dream is to be a swashbuckling adventurer like Indiana Jones, but she has not yet found the right hat.
Emillia Lee
B.A. Interior Design (Hons.)
Emillia thinks that design has power to not only create aesthetically pleasing spaces, it also creates new memories. Design can sometimes make us recall wonderful moments, teleporting us to a special place and time.

When outside of FARM, Emillia would be in a real farm spending time with animals, riding horse in a jungle trail on weekends. Emillia's dream is to own a countryside mini zoo and spend the rest of my life with all kinds of animals.
Wariya Cheersirikul
B. Arch., M.F.A.
Wariya enjoys visiting cities/towns, she believes that there's a story to be learned during such exploration.

To Wariya, design is a form of story telling and she strives to eloquently paint the best description through her work.

If Wariya wasn’t a designer, she would most likely be a professional eater, where she will gain joy from hunting down all the good food available in the world.
Vina Lumenta
B.A. Interior Design (Hons.)
Vina's passion for decluttering and organizing her space from a young age played a significant role in shaping her interest in interior design. The satisfaction and joy she experienced from creating a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing environment sparked her creative journey.

Vina believes in the power of collaboration and hard work. She sees each project as a collective effort, where the combined contributions of everyone involved lead to the ultimate success of the endeavor.

If Vina were not pursuing a career in interior design, her adventurous spirit would likely lead her to travel the world. Seeking out the most breathtaking skies, indulging in diverse cuisines, and capturing precious moments along the way.
Chakrit Prateeprangsee
B.A. Interior Arch.
Since young, Charkrit had a strong interest in both music and architecture. He enjoys keeping up with music news and exploring architecture books. His passion for architecture and attention to detail led him to do architecture work, where he believed that construction drawings is an excellent platform for collaboration, allowing people to contribute their ideas.

Charkrit also had a musical side to him. He enjoyed listening to live music and cover songs, appreciating the beauty of differences and the idea that change can be necessary to adapt to different contexts. In his free time, he pursued playing the guitar and followed guitar artists closely.

If he is not designing, he will probably be running concerts around the world.

Panupong Sunpaechudasil
B.A. Industrial Design
Truth to materials is what Panupong finds himself compelled to. Where each element is understood and made use of in its most honest form. Such understanding and detail-oriented nature have become his centric essence for work.

With background in furniture design, he had brought along an expertise in objects and the spatial property around them. In perspective rendering, it is crucial to deliver the message to the audience in its most articulated yet visually pleasing manner.

When he is not designing, Panupong enjoys the company of furry four legged felines, mostly the purring domestic one.
Le Yi Ng
Dip. Interior Arch.
Leyi aspires to breathe life into spaces, crafting environments that become a canvas for cherished memories and enrich the lives of those who inhabit them. She believes that her design journey is not solely about reaching the destination. It’s the experiences, challenges, and the joy of discovery that truly matters.

While she loves crafting spaces for others, her true passion stems in her secret desire to create her very own fairy-tale abode. She sees the world of interior design as a treasure trove of opportunities to learn, experiment, explore new materials and elements of design that would someday grace the walls of her dream home.

If Leyi wasn't a designer, she would likely be a National Geographic photographer, traveling through the wilderness of South Africa in a jeep, capturing breathtaking wildlife and nature scenes.
FARM DHIA_300X300.png
Dhia Qistina
Dip. Interior Arch.
Dhia is a creative soul, exploring the vast universe of Design and art. In her journey, she embraces the advice of Dylan Thomas, refusing to go gentle into that good night, as she indulges in every artistic avenue that sparks her curiosity -- Fully immersing herself in each pursuit without hesitation. In this whimsical adventure, happiness and fulfilment flow from her outpourings of self-expression.

If Design didn't exist in her dimension, Dhia would find solace living in the Hollow Earth with extraterrestrial beings, surrounded by kindred spirits. She would also spend her time making glass art in there. Or maybe she would just be floating in space.
Soh Fang Fei
B.A. Interior Design (Hons.)
Fangfei finds solace in interior design's artistry, where furnishing transcends functionality to become a medium of emotional expression. She's intrepid in her pursuit of diverse interior finishes, relishing the challenge of crafting unique atmospheres. With boldness, she experiments with textures, colors, and materials, each choice a brushstroke on the canvas of a room's character. This daring exploration lets her infuse spaces with personal flair and ignite an evolving aesthetic journey that speaks volumes about her creativity and fearless attitude.

Beyond her passion for travel, Fangfei is a true creative at heart. When she's not immersed in her professional pursuits, she channels her energy into content creation. With an eye for detail and a knack for storytelling, she weaves captivating narratives through her photography, writing, and videos. Every piece of content she crafts is a window into her unique perspective, allowing others to see the world through her lens.
Eugena Goh
B.A. (Hons) Interior Design.
To Eugena, the world of creativity holds a special place in her heart. Her sources of inspiration are as diverse as her interests. Eugena often draws creativity from her observations and experiences from her daily life. Immersing herself in the vibrant world of museums and arts exhibitions is where Eugena truly comes alive.

Beyond her design pursuits, she finds solace and joy in outdoor activities like hiking and cycling, where she can connect with the natural world and find a sense of tranquility. Eugena is also committed to her yoga practice, finding both physical and mental harmony through the discipline.

In her moments of leisure, you may find her in a cozy brunch spot, savouring the a cup of good coffee paired with fresh bakes. Sometimes, she finds contentment in solitude, where she indulges in anime and games, allowing her imagination to roam freely within the digital worlds she explores.
Kiew Pei Yi Christina
B.A. (Hons) Interior Arch and Design
From a young age, Christina has always enjoyed sketching. Being in the same industry, she’d follow her father to construction sites and that cultivated her interest and set her on her eventual path as an Interior Designer.

Christina believes that design transcends aesthetics. She firmly believes that the quality of a space's design directly impacts the experiences of its occupants. This conviction drives her to create environments that not only please the eye but also evoke emotions and shape interactions. Her dedication to this principle motivates her to craft spaces that resonate deeply with the people who inhabit them.

Apart from design, Christina is a homebody and you’d often find her immersed in the wondrous yet parallel world of games. Film photography is also something that she enjoys dabbling with as the magic that unfolds from the frame in the viewfinder, to that click of the shutter button excites her very much so.
Axel Chin
B.A. (Hons) Design Communication
To Axel, good design is more than creating stunning visuals but it is considering the many lenses it can be seen from. Much like understanding a piece of art in the museum, our interpretations are formed by our understanding of the world; influenced by our differing life experiences. As such, Axel believes that while beautiful visuals attract, thoughtfully-crafted visuals evoke feelings - a level of design he consistently tries to accomplish.

Outside of being a Designer, Axel finds his joy in discovering music and putting together playlists for each and every occasion (probably inspired by scenes from his favorite films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Her, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World…). He hopes to one day transform curating playlists into curating an actual set of his favorite artists to run a music festival where people can get together and dance.
B.A. Interior Design (Hons)
Recalling her fondest memories linked to specific places or spaces, Amyra's interest in interior design ignited. Inspired by the desire to create similar experiences for others, she embarked on a journey into the world of design and art. Her approach focuses on constructing spaces as situations rather than objects, providing users with the freedom to adapt and appropriate.

In her free time, you can find her gaming and shouting in front of computer screens (for strategic purposes, of course) while dreaming of being surrounded by the roaring triumphs of becoming victorious in an e-sports championship league. Alternatively, you can also find her practicing to be a chiropractor, only capable of cracking her own body.
Jasmine Goh
B.F.A (Hons) Design Art
Since young, Jasmine has been creatively inclined. Coupled with her interests in linguistics and human behaviour, Jasmine let her strengths steer her towards the perfect fit – visual communication design. She hones her craft by observing people and life around her. When designing, she strategises function first and finds fulfilment in crafting practical solutions.

When Jasmine is not clicking away at her desk, she indulges in her perpetual fascination with the world by embarking on travels to immerse herself in various historical arts and cultures.

Jasmine often daydreams about roaming the world as a digital nomad in a campervan. She believes in always having freedom and feeling an inextinguishable excitement about life and the world at large.
Kate Lim Wei Rong
B.A. Arch. (Hons.), M. Arch.
Kate aspired to be a competitive fencer in her youth. Now, in place of fencing, she happily designs literal fencing. She believes that through design, the true beauty and meaning of the human condition can be found. To that end, Kate strives to create designs that are responsible and sensible but also delightful.

Away from work, Kate enjoys taking long walks around the island, observing people, nature and the built environment. Kate often wishes she had more than 24 hours in a day; she would gladly use the extra time to tinker with her many creative pursuits, attempt to exercise or sneak in extra sleep. As an early bird, sunrise is Kate's favourite time of the day - you can often find her two dogs walking her along the PCN in the morning.
Lin Derong
B.A. Arch. (Hons.), M. Arch.
Derong is deeply immersed in and heartily stuck with Architecture as a way of seeing and learning the world, despite the industry's labour and capitalist hegemony.

Fascinated by the political dimensions and the narrative potentials of Architecture, DR develops a preoccupation with story-telling, interpolating personal polity and human subjectivity into different spaces. He is also a firm advocate for critical theory and art history. His other obsessions include tracing the coastline on his bicycle, running in nature reserves, and chasing after miles.

DR dreams of inhabiting a retrofitted 747 plane, and often wonders how he is surviving with his overdue sleep debts.
Lim Ji Young
B.A. Arch. (Hons.), M. Arch.
Ji Young is a gym-bro with an old soul, trapped in a millennial girl’s body.

Her dream home consists of soft streams of sunlight casting pleasant shadows onto her coffee table every morning, accompanied by a lazy natural breeze. There is an open kitchen with an island counter big enough for her creative mess, a spacious bathroom where she spends most of her time, and a personal gym with a solid power rack (for dem gainz).

While Ji Young can’t afford her dream home right now, she hopes to translate her passion for delightful spaces into her clients’ homes.
KAR MAN_300x300
Lum Kar Man
B.A. Arch. (Hons.)
Kar Man believes that good architecture should have its own story, a narrative that drives the form beyond just its volume and structure, where the stories and the users are intertwined harmoniously in a space called home.

When Kar Man is not designing, you can find her with her favourite bowl of Yong Tau Foo, or spending time with her dog Jake. Kar Man's dream is to one day build her own home beside a lake, where the ever-shifting landscape can bring her peace of mind.


Fun. Witty. Arts-Loving. Enthusiastic. Meticulous. Responsible. Rigorous. Suave. Analytical. Savvy. Imaginative. Open-minded. Sensitive. Energetic. Lateral-thinking. Articulate. Precise. Courageous. Elegant. Passionate. Colourful. Cheerful.

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Architectural Designer


FARM is located at Waterloo Centre, a classic HDB (a.k.a. Singapore's famous public housing) and podium block built in 1975, in Bras Basah, the Singapore’s Arts & Heritage district.

To find us, take Lift E (Block 262) near the kopitiam facing Waterloo Street to the 5th floor where you will arrive at a mid-air void deck. Walk down a floor and it's impossible to miss our signage.

For our meeting rooms, take Lift C & D (Block 263) facing Queen Street and walk down a floor too.

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