The Art Connector brings the public to art and to the nation’s
two most prominent monuments. It connects two realms: the mundane with the cultural,
the everyday with art, the public with the state’s monuments.
A cluster of four houses for a multi-generational family, staggered yet connected
by a central communal garden, enabling both moments of gathering and solitary calm.
The design objective of The Great Madras was to reflect the character of Little India.
Not quite a melting pot, but a mishmash of different influences.
A layered, considered response in what is seemingly a cacophonous neighbourhood.
Everyone is different. But whilst different,
we also share a common appreciation for things of beauty and nature.
This is the main ethos that guided us for the revamp of Lloyd's Inn.
Aesop 1 Utama is an exploration into how corrugated roofing sheets can be adapted in inventive ways,
without losing their essential character and materiality. The store is a homage to tin,
and the place it has in the greater Selangor region’s life and history.