Over the years, the questions posed to us in our projects have changed. Some became more complex, others had no simple solutions. There was a need to find a new way of working, a new way of thinking and a new way to engage the world.

The outcome of this is FARMACY, our Research & Experience Design arm and a methodology for us to approach projects without immediate answers. FARMACY is foremost about asking the right questions, by going beyond design to understand the world around us. FARMACY is conversations with friends across industries, to create new opportunities through meaningful dialogues. With the deep vertical expertise we have established within disciplines, FARMACY is a bridge for us to now connect the abstract, working laterally to imagine new possibilities.

Most importantly, we believe spaces can be drivers of change. We see FARMACY as a way to build landing places for ideas and people to come together, to broaden the way we think today and transform the way we live tomorrow.

lyf Funan Singapore was designed to meet unique demands of the growing segment of millennial travellers. This new hospitality hybrid formulates a unique user experience from brand outreach to staying with the property and consistently until checkout. Through multiple testing of ideas in our lyf lab, the rooms were designed to address essential needs for a long-term stay. Various configurations of rooms cater for different guest profiles including business travellers and the socially-engaged. The lobby is a series of spectacles and happenings, a lively arena of open gathering spots and private meeting rooms. Common Social Gym and Kitchen areas allow residents to interact through daily routines.

lyf offers a new way of living tailored for the digital nomad and a new way of staying connected and living together as a community.

As we age, our bodies weaken and our needs change. Does our notion of ‘home’ change? How should our living spaces adapt?  By putting the idea of ‘home’ first and gaining a deeper understanding of its meaning, we hope to mitigate the impact of this inevitable reality. Through focusing on person-centric care, questioning what it means to feel at home and to have a sustainable community, we tested these ideas within the context of assisted care living to evolve the nursing home. Not into something futuristic, but a return to the fundamentals of home. To add not only years to life, but life to years.