28th August 2010, Saturday, 7pm at Blk 263, Waterloo Centre, 1st storey void deck
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This is our very first ROJAK in a HDB block and naturally, we are all hyped up, especially when it’s a charming residential-cum-office podium block typology built in the 1970s (they don’t do it these days anymore). Explore the neighbourhood and soak in the atmosphere. Thanks to Kelvin and Yi-Sheng for hosting (This is Kelvin's last time in hosting ROJAK before he leaves town for a year's break. We gonna miss him alot!). Thanks to Casey for his wonderful chairs and lamps.

Invite by Brick.



Presenter 1

Joshua Teo
Let’snottalkaboutarchitecture [Architecture]

Joshua is one of the co-founders of ReallyArchitecture (re:ACT), an architecture organisation that believes in making architecture relevant to people again. Trained in architecture, Joshua is interested in how the building and design process can be a more participatory and collaborative one. He believes that will result in better-designed spaces that users and communities can appreciate. He hopes to contribute to building a world where every person is free to tap into his/ her innate ability to create and to be creative

Presenter 2

Boo Junfeng
Sandcastle [Film]

Boo Junfeng is one of Singapore’s most prolific young filmmakers. Since 2005 his short films have won several awards at the Singapore International Film Festival. Trained in film schools in Singapore and Spain, his works often centre on themes of alienation, kinship, love and sexuality. His short films include Tanjong Rhu, Keluar Baris, Katong Fugue, Stranger and A Family Portrait. Sandcastle, his first feature film, was the first film from Singapore to be selected at the prestigious International Critics’ Week at Cannes Film Festival in 2010. Sandcastle opens at GV VivoCity on August 26.

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Presenter 3

Johnny Gao & Calvin Chua
generi-City [Urban & Architecture]

generi-City is a project that investigates generic spaces within the city. Rather than claiming uniqueness through cultural references in architectural expression or iconic figurative gestures; this project rediscovers the uniqueness of urban spaces through the most generic and banal scenes of everyday life. The generic is celebrated in order to reveal the uniqueness of the city.

Both Calvin Chua and Johnny Gao, recently completed a research on the paradoxes of the post-Fordist city at the Architectural Association (AA), by putting forward innovative and extreme strategies for new forms of working and living.

Presenter 4

Natasha Gan
this label is n/a – a normallyanomaly set-up [Fashion]

normallyanomaly is a clothes-making studio based in Singapore.
normallyanomaly describes a condition of flux between what is deemed as normal and that of which deviates from the dominant standards. Using tailoring and clothes design as a vehicle for this investigation, the study of traditions and craft in dressmaking not only reflects cultural movements but also reveals possibilities of anomalies that could provide an alternative perspective to the present glamour-addicted lifestyles.

Presenter 5

Yeo Shih Yun

Shih Yun began her artistic career after graduating from San Francisco Art Institute. In 2004, she founded INSTINC- a space that aims to foster friendships & collaborations with other artists as well as organizations. Apart from paintings & drawings, she works with diverse mediums including screen printing and painting on films.

Beyond my own practice, I have been collaborating with many artists since 2002. What I love most about collaborations is that they are always full of surprises and are totally unpredictable. Anything is possible in collaboration if we can transcend our egos and surrender to something greater. I hope that artistic collaborations will become one of the most imaginative and radical modes of working for the artists in the future.

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Presenter 6

Ong Swee Hong
After 7 [Lighting]

Swee loves to call herself a ‘schizophrenic designer’, assuming different roles in accordance to various ‘calls of duty’: design educator, architect, or the architect who went over to the ‘light’ side.

When she is at her usual ‘energizer bunny-self’, she loves to indulge in one of her many collaborative projects in-progress, to read a good book, or to simply to talk about anything random. Yet, always, all things wonderful and beautiful inspire her. One of her constant sources of inspiration is the imageability of cities at night, whether it is darkness, the illuminated, or the forgotten, or the kaleidoscopic range of effects light brings about in space.

Presenter 7

Daryl Tan
The Art of Daryl Tan [Illustration]

My name is Daryl Tan. I was born in October 1988. I’m a Singaporean citizen and a United States permanent resident. I love comics, drawing, painting, model kit-ing, video games and girls.

I started doing drawing seriously only in 2005 after entering Digital Media Design in Nanyang Polytechnic. I have just completed my national service a couple of months ago and waiting to start school in Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) majoring in Illustration.

I’m currently looking for/doing freelance jobs and selling wacom tablets on weekends, while waiting for school to start.

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Presenter 8

Frayn Yong
Fragile Structures [Fine Arts]

b.1984) studied and practiced interior design and illustration before beginning his training as a fine artist at LASALLE College of the Arts in 2009. Frayn explores the transience and uncertainty of existence by reflecting and exploring the human condition. He was awarded the Winston Oh Travel Award 2010 and is currently involved with :Phunk Studio’s Transmission Lab. He also recently exhibited in Singapore Survey 2010: Beyond LKY at Valentine Willie Fine Art.

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Presenter 9

Justin Zhuang
I See Singapore: Digging Into Our Visual Culture [Graphic History]

Justin Zhuang is a writer interested in visual culture and its place in Singapore’s heritage and cultural identity. He has spent the past year researching the social and political conditions that generate the visual materials we see in our everyday life in Singapore. You can find out more at his blog,

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Presenter 10

Neo Xiaobin
Shattered Dreams [Photojournalism]

Born in 1983, Neo Xiaobin has been a photojournalist with The Straits Times since April 2010. She first joined my paper, a bilingual freesheet, in 2007 after graduating from Nanyang Technological University’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information.

A journalism major, she believes that responsible and good photojournalism has an ability to reach and communicate, to move and connect people. She has photographed in countries like Nepal, Timor-Leste, Indonesia and China, and hopes to do more documentary work in Singapore.

Her recent photo story on a Chinese family devastated by the sudden death of their daugther, who came to Singapore in search of a better life, won an in-house award for Feature Story of the Month.

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