12 June 2010, Saturday, 8pm at Emily Hill & sixdegrees

Welcome to ROJAK 15! It’s been a while... We’ve been busy the whole year with several projects and also relocating to a new space but now we are back! We miss you all. Thanks to the good people at Emily Hill and sixdegrees for hosting us in this lovely shed (it was love at first sight!). We have to thank Casey Chen for his chairs and beanbags, Kelvin Ang and Ng Yi-Sheng for hosting. And of course, to the 10 ROJAKers for coming forward and sharing your works. And thanks Kai for the photos!



Presenter 1

Dan Prichard
Civic Life [Film & Urban]

Civic Life: Tiong Bahru is a major community arts project exploring identity, architecture, memory, community, a sense of place and civic space.

Unfolding over 2010, this will include the shooting of a short film by leading UK-based filmmakers Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy in and around the Tiong Bahru estate, online themed discussions through a dedicated website portal, a creative writing programme and a short film competition, the winner of which will be heading to the UK to take part in the prestigious Encounters Short Film Festival.

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Presenter 2

The spectator, and not life [Illustration]

Nataliette graduated in March 2007 from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Armed with her diploma in Multimedia and a great zest for the creative world, Nataliette worked as a designer.

Two years down the road, her enthusiasm was killed by countless irritating self-appointed art-director clients and numerous experiences with people disrespecting the design profession. Thoroughly frustrated, she impulsively quit her second job to avoid the downward spiral to madness. With her newfound freedom, she happily pursued her interest in art and illustration!

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Presenter 3

Jeff Chouw
Nonsense Photos [Photography]

Formerly trained as a marine biologist, presently a photographer with an annoying taste for documenting the
idiosyncrasies of living in Singapore that have been generally ignored by the psyche of most Singaporeans.

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Presenter 4

Natalie Lee
Hao Tian Qi [Graphic]

A background in graphic design, animation and a keen interest in photography has offered Natalie opportunities to find design in the most unlikely places. Having graduated from Swinburne university of technology with a BA in Communication Design, she has spent the last 4 years in the industry fine-tuning her craft.

“HaoTianQi” is Natalie’s self-initated project to challenge the perception of packaging and the reinvention of ‘giving’.

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Presenter 5

Brian Chia
Feed [Graphic]

Brick is a Krispy Kreme addict and staunch believer of the existence of mermaids. He loves to illustrate how he live his life, colourful at times, occasional bouts of sullenness, and always experimental.

An MA graduate in design for interactive media from Middlesex University of London, Brick spent years honing his skills in both interactive media and digital illustration. Beside garnered numerous wins including the 2003 Crowbar Awards and 2007 D&AD Student Global Awards, his works have been seen across several publications and exhibitions that include UK Association Of Illustrator’s Images 32, Singapore Creative Network UK’s In the Pit and more recently Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy at BloodGroup + Space.

Brick likes collaboration and is interested in meeting people of different fields of expertise.

Presenter 6

The Mathematics of Luxury [Design Strategy]

What drives markets for luxury goods?

I’ll talk about some of our ideas, and describe how they lead to models that reproduce some interesting observed phenomena.

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Presenter 7

Kenneth Chong
Place [Architecture & Art]

Professionally, Kenneth considers himself an architect and an artist.

Having a love for the discourse of space, and seeing its power to affect society in the way we live and think, it is in art that he conceives critical observations and whimsical narratives of space and in architecture that he hopes to test and realize those projections.

Presenter 8

Chan Mei Hsien
One-Line Portraiture [Art]

Mei Hsien is a visual artist, living and working in Singapore. Born in 1983, she graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2004.

Drawing has always been an integral part of her art practice and her fascination with lines started when she discovered the collagraph technique from printmaking. With that technique, she has been exploring portraiture in her drawings. Her inspirations come from her habitual observations of daily events and people around her.

Working with a wide range of images culled from periodicals
to web images, her subjects range from politicians, celebrities, to the anonymous man on the street.

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Presenter 9

Liao Jiekai
Red Dragonflies [Film]

Liao Jiekai is an award-winning filmmaker based in Singapore. He received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and lectures at the School of the Arts, the first and only pre-tertiary arts institution in Singapore.

He is a founding member of 13 Little Pictures, a local film collective that champions independent feature films. His debut feature length film, Red Dragonflies, won the Special Jury Prize at the Jeonju International Film Festival, and has been selected for competitions in film festivals in Hong Kong, Buenos Aires and Shanghai.

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Presenter 10

Rage Goh

The Proletariat Poetry Factory is a collective of individuals, bound together by the common desire to deal with the inherent collusion of the need to consume, and the need to produce, with the deeper subtext being the questionable nature of capitalism.

The work process remains the same, as it always has been. Give them a word to inspire the poem, leave a name behind, collect the typewritten poem and pay any amount for it. A constant audio feed by The Board of Supreme Controllers via headphones aims to maximise productivity, by maintaining servility of poet labourers and complete mental submission to the system.

Using poetry as the main traded currency, The Proletariat Poetry Factory hopes to fully embody the values of the working class, thereby redeeming their lost souls by giving themselves over fully to the very ideology that consumes them.