13 June, Saturday, 2009. 8pm at iluma, 201 Victoria Street.

Thanks to ALL who were there with us on ROJAK 14! Hope you enjoyed the session under the night sky. Our warmest thanks to iluma, for so graciously hosting us in their charming skygarden. Minli Han, Cedric Koh, and the team at iluma - we couldn't thank you enough! And to the Department of Architecture NUS, for all the help in co-curating, logistics and setting up. Special thanks to Nicholas and Daryl from TAS! To the lovely people from drinkdings LLP, we absolutely love the cocktails. Nicholas Teo, thanks for constantly on the prowl, capturing every moment. Oats & Sparkle and Jerry Goh, for the poster that we can't stop digging. Not forgetting of course, our long-standing supporters, Kelvin Ang for hosting, Casey Chen for his lovely ottomans and beanies.



Presenter 1

the teh-si tastes so bad, why you din't realised it? [Art]

Singapore-born han grew up in Kuching, Malaysia, where the different pace of life attuned him to the neglected and forgotten in contemporary society. Recording these on negatives, he recreates them in his art.

As a documentary photographer, he has been archiving the work of artists since 2003, and contributing to a variety of publications and periodicals including Singapore Architect and d + a. han was also a colour supervisor and still photographer of two of Sherman Ong’s films, Flood and Drought.

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Presenter 2

Dju-Lian Chng
In-Between [Photography]

Under the larger umbrella task of identifying lost places that people fail to acknowledge, the ‘in-between’ series focuses on illustrating the polarized attitudes towards common living areas - in this case, the beloved leitmotif of the timeless HDB flat.

Beginning with intimate areas known to the photographer, the images of this series implore the viewer to create causal associations within their subconscious anatomy of visual memories in order to establish placement and identity with each scene.

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Presenter 3

Melvin Keng
Sodom & Gomorrah [Architecture]

Today, Keng presents to you, his Master thesis, entitled “Sodom & Gomorrah”. A piece set in the year 2010 and beyond, “Sodom & Gomorrah” is an architectural and societal response to the declining economic weather in Singapore. Dealing with topics of urban decay, alternative economies and appropriateness of activities, the thesis begs to leave an open-ended answer to the question – How can architecture serve society, in these times?

Presenter 4

Micki Chua
ProjHUATarh! [Architecture]

Proj.HUATarh! is an exploration into Asian architectonics by questioning the application of innovative construction technology in Singapore’s traditional belief systems such as the Taoist festivals. The proposed design attempts to construct festival-specific spaces based on the very tradition of festivals as opposed to existing standard scaffold structure.

Proj.HUATarh! is a pneumatic membrane which conjures specific spatial ambience and ornamentation according to the varying sounds, heat and light produced as one prays, meditates and celebrates within.

The outcome is a breathing structure where the rituals of festivals, like blood, are required to generate festive symbols and spaces.

Presenter 5

Krsna & Govin Tan
Runs in the Family [Music]

Krsna and his younger brother, Govin Tan, grew up in a home filled with music. Krsna Tan started formal lessons with his father at the tender age of 5.

In 2002, at the age of 12, Krsna won first prize in the National Indian Music Competition. He was the youngest and the first non-Indian contestant to achieve such prestigious recognition.

Govin Tan has developed a unique, distinguished sense of rhythm with the Tabla. At the age of 14, Govin won first prize in the National Indian Music Competition(2006) in the Tabla Junior Category. He is also the first non-Indian to do so.

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Presenter 6

Erik Gerard L'Heureux
Exuberant Singapore. A Love Story of Radical Ambition in the Face of Ecological Catastrophe [Architecture]

This is a story of Singapore’s desire to remain relevant. And a story of its continued foresight and ambition. But more than anything, it is a story of Singapore’s survival and the strategies required to overcome its historical burden and self created geographical challenges. A work in progress Exuberant Singapore is a projection, a fantasy, and a very real possibility.

Presenter 7

Sarah Lim
Equivalence [Architecture]

My thesis is about equivalence.

The highest number of foreign construction workers in Singapore ever was 800,000 in 2007. This would represent nearly 17% of the total population. In line with the concept of equivalence and equality, I have chosen to explore a scenario where all the foreign workers in Singapore were evenly distributed throughout the island.

Presenter 8

Jovian Lim
The Voyage to the Ends of the World [Photography]

Jovian Lim b.1984, is a Singaporean photographer. Trained in the School Of Art, Design And Media (NTU).

His approach towards image-making have evolved over the recent years and is constantly being refined. Through his photographs, he yearns to create a new visual expression - a language undemanding, personal and heartfelt.

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Presenter 9

Vishalini Rajandran
h[EARTH] - Biodegradable Temporary Structures [Architecture]

This project attempts to address two major concerns through the design and development of new practices and processes in architecture; environment and society.

The final prototype comprises of 4 modular components made from biodegradable plastic that form a structural skin system. The components are lightweight, stackable and easily transportable. The components can also be packed with insulating material and be sealed with waterproof gaskets to make the structure weatherproof and liveable.

Presenter 10

Fran Borgia
In Asia [Film]

Born in southern Spain, Fran studied cinema in London and Barcelona before moving to Singapore in 2004. Here he wrote and directed his first short film in 35mm – Asia, which traveled to several film festivals in Europe, North America and Asia. Since he moved to Singapore five years ago, Fran has been actively involved in filmmaking and the arts.

In 2008, an extended three-part version of The King Lear Project was presented at the KunstenFestivaldesArts (Brussels) and the Singapore Arts Festival. He is now preparing Film–Faust, a film and theatre production that will premiere at Esplanade Theatre Studios in July 2009.

Fran is the founder of Akanga Film Asia, an award-winning independent film company based in Singapore.

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