ROJAK 12: The Place Issue

31 August 2008, Sunday at The Substation, 45 Armenian Street.

Thanks for coming to ROJAK 12- The Place Issue at The Substation. We hoped you enjoyed the works, and made some new friends. ROJAK 12 was part of The Substation's SeptFest 08 opening weekend. THANK YOU, The Substation for inviting us! THANK YOU, our dear ROJAKers. THANK YOU, Kelvin Ang and Ng Yi-Sheng for hosting, Perception3 for the 'tissue-chop' poster, Shan Chia for photography, Song Ming for the deliciously sexy music.



Presenter 1

Concrete Euphoria [Photography]

“Concrete Euphoria” was triggered by my desire to document my country’s relentless drive with construction and reinventing itself. Growing up in Singapore, landscapes in my eyes have become a cycle of erasure and reinvention – the places we see today may drastically change or even cease to exist tomorrow. The inconstant and transient nature of a space as intimate as ‘home’ has created within me a mixture of both euphoria and disorientation.

In creating kaleidoscope-like multiple exposures, the camera takes a step to render familiar places as fantastical and sublime, so that the city may be seen with new eyes. Elements within the cityscape such a streetlights, road signs, buildings intersect to create stark symbols amidst the confusion.

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Presenter 2

Eng Yee Peng
Diminishing Memories [Film]

Yee Peng graduated from Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia) with a Bachelor of Digital Media Production with First Class Honours. She completed her first documentary- Diminishing Memories in 2005. The film was broadcast on South Korea’s national educational channel (EBS) and Australia’s international television channel (Australia Network) in 2006.

Diminishing Memories won the Best Tertiary Documentary at the Queensland New Filmmakers Award competition in Australia. Also, nominated for Best Documentary at the Asian Festival of First Films, awarded Special Jury Commendation Award in 2005.

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Presenter 3

Lawrence Abrahamson
OUT-lines [Art]

As a designer with an architectural background, Lawrence Abrahamson is interested in the borders between space, art and experience.

Lawrence’s explorations have led him to develop a methodology of using flagging tape to create temporary site-specific installations. With these installations he aims to reveal a sense of Ma, a “consciousness of place”, to create spaces not necessarily through the built form itself but through the experience of the form.

By highlighting places hidden in the environment, outlining forms already existing in the setting, the invisible becomes visible. Once removed, a lingering residue of the space remains, what he refers to as the retina burn, forever transforming the site in the mind of those who experience it. Lawrence empowers the viewer to see the world slightly differently, to see the spaces between.

Presenter 4

Ang Song Ming
From Abba to Zappa [Sound & Art]

Ang Song Ming is a sound artist exploring various intersections between the avant garde and the popular. He holds the dubious honours of inserting Bon Jovi samples into his concerts, and conducting listening parties where audiences revel in guilty pleasures such as Take That.

His exhibitions and performances include: Art is Not Mute (Gothenburg & Uppsala 2008), Singapore Fringe Festival (2007), 100 Days = 100 Videos (Copenhagen 2007 & Heidelberg 2006), SAND Music Festival (Hong Kong 2006), Aqua Art Sound Broadcast (Miami 2005), and International Computer Music Conference (Singapore 2003). Under the name Circadian, he has independently released two EPs of electronic music, Radial and Current.

Ang has written articles on music and aural culture for The Wire, Static (London Consortium), and the Substation Magazine. He was recently awarded the NAC Arts Scholarship (Overseas).
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Presenter 5

Places, Still and Moving [Photography & Film]

Perception3 is an interdisciplinary art group co-founded by artist/writer Regina De Rozario and art director Seah Sze Yunn in 2007.

Its collaborative practice is currently devoted to exploring the themes of memory and loss, through the examination of relationships encountered between the self and the city landscape.
The group operates on a minimalist aesthetic, be it with still or moving images. It employs the use of places that are empty, but full of time; including within the frame only the barest of details, and rendering them in muted light and shadow.

Through this approach, the group hopes to capture the mundane reality of common city spaces, as well as unearth the poetic dualities that may lie beneath these seemingly austere surfaces.

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Presenter 6

Lim Shengen
Being Lost, Being Found [Art]

Shengen’s creative journey and training are found root in architectural training, diverging naturally towards the visual arts during his time as an apprentice fashion photographer.

He works mainly in the medium of painting, photography and installation, exploring urban conditions and landscapes.

Shengen graduated with BA (Hon) in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Art, validated by the Open University, UK.

Presenter 7

Jacen Tan
Kwa Giu- Bringing down the house [Film]

Jacen will talk about and show a trailer of his upcoming film - Kwa Giu.

Experience the Kallang Roar from the eyes of 55,000 fans who packed the National Stadium at the AFC Cup Final on 31 Jan 2007.

Shot with roving camcorders, Kwa Giu takes you right into the heart of the legendary atmosphere and spirit of the Kallang Roar, before the National Stadium is demolished.

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Presenter 8

Randy Chan
Bodies [Architecture & Art]

Zarch Collaboratives was formed by Randy Chan as a multi-disciplinary practice, actively involving itself in the field of both art and architecture. The firm operates as a tightly knit open studio concept, with an emphasis on design interactions both internally and externally.

Linking up with a Graphic Gallery above and a Bar with a nostalgic setting below, the office seeks to prove the physical platform for more interactions amongst the creative personnel in Singapore. The firm essentially draws inspiration in its practice through these interactions.

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Presenter 9

Jing Quek
Jingapore [Photography]

A preview into a new ongoing series of work celebrating the Singapore landscape and the use of nature within an urban landscape. jing connects
this new body of work to his ongoing creation of a new Singaporean mythology.

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Presenter 10

Laura Soon
An Accumulation of... [Art]

The intent of the installation is to examine the relationship between a space and the human experiences associated with it. It seeks to reclaim one own’s identity (biological make-up) and the public’s memories in the context of the space.

The work captured faces of people associated with the space over the last five years when Plastique Kinetic Worms (PKW) carried out their art activities in the space. How PKW came to be, through time, through space, and most importantly through its people.

The images of people and patterns found in the space were molted to form patterns and motifs that take the forms of biological cells. These new forms of patterns were repeated in a single tile, which was then reproduced in multiples, repeated to form a wall mural. This is to suggest that the space through non-living takes on the life of the people who has left their memories and some part of themselves behind, giving life to the space.