ROJAK 10: The Collaborative Edition

1st December 2007, Saturday, 8pm at City Hall Building, Level 3 Chamber.

This special edition of ROJAK is held in conjunction with Singapore Design Festival 2007 and ArchiFest 2007. Thank you, Singapore Institute of Architects for the wonderful venue. Can’t thank enough to Kelvin for hosting, JUN from UFHO for the ubercool poster, Jeremy San for photography, OCTOPUS for printing, & Casey Chen for his beauuutiful lamps and chairs.



Presenter 1

5 ft Creatives: Adib J, Yeo Jia-Jun & Rofan Teo
Making Magical Spaces [Architecture]

The Magical Spaces Project came about as a way to silently protest against this phenomenon – by showing that Singapore IS magical, that we ARE special. We do not need to constantly benchmark against the so-called ‘best in the world’.

It is only because of the frenzy of the spectacle, with the emergence of BIG architecture and flashy urban plans, that people are being seduced to think that Singapore is about void decks, kopitiams and no chewing gum – BUT THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT – that Singapore is it’s own entity, and we should not keep chasing other ideals.

SO forget the IRs for a while, and all the hoo-hahs about a shiny new downtown and its new developments; because the Singapore we have now, and will always have, is magical in itself.

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Presenter 2

outofstock: Gabriel Tan & Wendy Chua
Reminiscing 'Momento' [Furniture/Product Design]

How does four people work together in the same studio when they are working from four different corners of the earth?

Find out at Rojak as the designers from Outofstock share their joys and pains of working together, and the benefits and pitfalls of a global design collective.

Why Outofstock?

The cross-continental design collective was born out of a fortuitous meeting in Stockholm, hence Outofstock. Gabriel Tan and Wendy Chua from Singapore, Gustavo Maggio from Argentina and Sebastián Alberdi from Spain met at Electrolux Design Lab 2005. They connected, kept in touch, and met again. After reunions in Andorra and Barcelona, they decided to collaborate.

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Presenter 3

V.I.S.T.A lab
V.I.S.T.A. lab [Multimedia/Theatre]

Visual. Interactive. Sound. Text. Architecture. A laboratory for performative experiments.
A multiform exploration of aesthetics, forms and possibilities. A space for artists to interact, create and present ideas.

V.I.S.T.A Lab focuses on the experiential interactions, the potential of live performance and the interplay between image, sound and space.

V.I.S.T.A Lab employs a modular workshop structure where the diverse energies of the various artists are engaged in the same space. These incubation spaces open up at irregular intervals, inviting the public for process-presentations. The modular cells may coalesce into a full-scale multimedia production. However, the modular workshop structure encourages a continuing growth beyond any product that may arise out of these interactions. V.I.S.T.A Lab curates ten artists who work unconventionally in their realm. Each of these artists work across disciplines, creating work that defies classification, in turn casting fresh perspectives onto conventional forms.

V.I.S.T.A Lab series conceived and directed by TheatreWorks Associate Artistic Director Choy Ka Fai

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Presenter 4

Loo Zihan & Ruby Pan
absence/presence [Film/Dance]

Our artistic roots began in the theatre.

A major part of our growth stemmed from interning together at The Necessary Stage, where we worked on the productions The Beginning
of the End and godeatgod. These productions changed what we imagined could be created onstage.

Embryo & Sophia are the fruit of our stage sensibilities mating with the medium of film. The conceptualization of both projects began with live performance and a stage aesthetic in mind. Embryo, in particular, originated as a solo performance for the stage and much of what was captured on film was improvised on location.
Sophia grew out of the experiences we gained while making Embryo, taking the next step in fusing theatre, performance art and film. Inspired by the memoirs of the life and public service of Sir Stamford Raffles, Sophia questions the notion of personal and cultural loss.

These two shorts can be filed under: performance; theme of loss; female sexuality; camp aesthetic; modernity. To paraphrase theatre academic Una Chaudhuri, modern theatre is obsessed with the trope of the buried child.

At its roots, theatre is about the liveness and presence of the performer. Film allows for the reproduction of her image and her absence

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Presenter 5

syntfarm: Vladimir Todorovic & Andreas Schlegel
Syntfarm [Multimedia]

Syntfarm is a collective which explores and preserves expressions and structures of dynamic (eco)systems on our planet.

There are 4 spheres that Syntfarm renders on informational and tactile basis: Atmosphere, Biosphere, Lithosphere, and Hydrosphere.

Syntfarm’s approach is to experience, showcase, and understand the life on the planet with its needs and rules. Stressing Syntfarm’s home brewed means and methods, the actions are manifested in 3 layers NOA, NODAA, SE.

Their tendency is to become a dynamicencyclopedia in time, nature, and online.

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