15 September 2007, Saturday, 9pm at LASALLE College of the Arts, Central Green. 1 McNally Street.

FARM would like to thank LASALLE College of the Arts for hosting us at their lovely compounds. We also like to thank Kelvin (sweetest)for hosting, OCTOPUS (always) for printing, Ng Yi-Sheng and Chua Mia Tee for the Invite Artwork, Randy Loh for photography and Casey Chen (graciously) for his lamps and chairs. And to the many others who had contributed, Thank You lots :x



Presenter 1

Jacen Tan
Working on Zo Gang [Film]

Filmmaker wannabe, Ah-Tan is sick of his day job. Join Ah-Tan on his way to work one day, as he discusses and pokes fun at local film and music, while plotting his path to become Singapore’s next great director. This dark comedy on the difficulties of making film and music will leave you wondering about the state of the Arts in Singapore!

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Presenter 2

Stephen Black
Voice of Pieces # 53 Farm version: Five years in Singapore/10 slides [Digital Visual Arts]

Voice of Pieces is the name of an ongoing international project in which useless pieces of paper are collected, joined and released to the public in editions of 100. Over 50 editions have been created over the past 12 years, resulting in 5000+ pieces.

This V.O.P. is unusual in that it will not only be live, informative and open-ended, but it will utilize the MGK 3D gamemaking software to present the activities of Stephen Black in Singapore. These activities include photography, artworks, publishing projects, educational gamemaking research, writing, video production and creative direction.
Interested in working with the MGK gamemaking software? Make a one minute pitch and win a copy. Offer is limited.

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Presenter 3

Ben Puah
I am Ben Puah [Art]

Ben Puah is an established artist, who currently lives and works in Singapore. He see himself as rat in a laboratory(world) where experiments are being carried out on him and he is the result of them.

He is exploring on his art movement POST SURREAL MONOPOLYISM in his works which explores theme of self identity(real & unreal going in a parallel line) in our cosmopolitan society and re-interpret it in his own world.

His works are in forms of paintings, drawings, sculptures, performance art, music, film and streetwear.

Ben’s love for children inspired him to organise public art projects with active participation from schools, Singapore Children’s Society and community.

In our world full of uncertainties, Ben want to create artworks with the young ones to spread the message of PEACE, LOVE and CELEBRATION OF LIFE across to the masses.

Ben Puah has exhibited his works in Singapore, Australia, Japan, USA, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, London, Malaysia and China. His artwork is in the public and private collections in numerous local and international locations.

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Presenter 4

Lynn Lu
Inadequate Reality Adaptation [Performance Art]

In my practice, the sentient body is seen as the main medium for perceiving and presenting meaning through direct personal experience. Primarily as an attempt to explain things to myself, I examine familiar objects and ordinary human activities / interactions to see how we understand the shared conditions/predicaments we find ourselves immersed in on a daily basis. Gingerly unearthing our hidden values, assumptions, and beliefs, I attempt to articulate the tacit and affective meanings, both cerebral and somatic, that fall between the gaps of verbal communication.

My current research looks at the connection between experiential knowledge and the innate human capacity for empathy, in relation to a genre performance art I call “gutty”. This gutty form of performance art which uses the body just as it is – as vulnerable/resilient/sensitive as it is in everyday life – relies heavily on empathy to create meaning that is not merely cognitive but also haptic and affective. In other words, I look at why some performances not only tickle our brains but also quite literally leave us feeling like we’ve been punched in the gut.

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Presenter 5

Joo Choon Lin
Ring Master and The Chocolate Wrapper Toys [Art]

My work usually starts with a simple story, with characters created that mimic behaviors of people around me. Each character has a particular personality, role and responsibility in this world that I create. As part of a drawing, sculpture installation or animation, these creatures went about in their own ways in scenes constructed that are reminiscent of our own daily activities.

Ring master is an orphan, always with a cape and a beckoning gesture. She makes her own toys using found and discarded objects, such as chocolate wrappers. In Chocolate Wrapper Toys series, the copper plate was used to imitate the chocolate wrapper.

With the medium of printmaking, I made many etchings of images using copper plates. The images are incised onto the plates using acid, inked and printed onto paper using a press. The copper plates are treated as by-products because it is not possible to reuse them for another edition of prints. However, due to its malleable nature, I was able to reclaim them and transform them into sculptures. The process of recycling
the etching plates and then turning them from a two-dimensional to a three-dimensional work, showed the inter-connectivity between many art forms.

Presenter 6

Sean Lee
Not Another Photographer [Photography]

As a photographer i am greatly interested in the fictive nature of the medium and how it is useful in the staging of realities and the construction of narratives. The idea of a fictional narrative within the context of an actual, traceable environment defamiliarises the familiar by blurring the lines between the imaginary and the real. In my pictures, i hope to challenge the way people ascribe meaning to seemingly uneventful situations as well as to certain mudane orambiguous realities of life.I am curious to find out how the narrative quality of an image inspire ideas and emotions and causes people to imgaine a past or a future to what they see.
I would like my work to be short stories within themselves.

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Presenter 7

Joshua Yang
Superstring [Art]

There is ONE theory that states that all matter in the universe is made up of and connected by tiny vibrations called strings. Here lies a theory which proposes that everything is infinitely divisible; that all is nothing. So, while you’re all comfortably sitting in your chairs, realise this: the chair you say you sit in, made up of plastic or wood or what have you,

breakable into molecules into atoms made up of quarks made up of strings made up of... nothing. We’re not here. So, why do we hear someone talking? see images on a screen? [shrug] I shall not speak further of this evil science which tells us that what is is not. I am here, or not, to talk to you about superstring, Drawings done in a single- continuous line.

Presenter 8

Six Degrees of Separation [Graphic Design]

A recollection of thoughts, processes and influences..

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Presenter 9

Chris Yap
circa2007. The stories, the images, the people. [Photography]

circa came about more than 2 years ago, when there was a real need for people to start looking at images with better understanding, and also to stop saying “Photography is subjective”. Really, being subjective is what being human is all about, but how often do people use this subjectivity to add to the layers of their works? Everyone should start saying, “Let’s hear all the different view of this work!”.

Presenter 10

Gek Li San
HEAVE [Film]

HEAVE is a short narrative film that attempts to survey Singaporean’s pressure cooker’s life through a growing heaviness of 5 different situations. Each of the situations are presented with a growing duration but lesser and lesser edit points.