ROJAK 08: "(Can't) Save the Modern Building" Series

8th June 2007, Friday night 8pm at The National Stadium, West Entrance, under VIP Box.

FARM would like to Singapore Sports Council for allowing us to host ROJAK at our beloved National Stadium. We would also like to thank Kelvin (the best) for hosting, OCTOPUS (always) for printing. Ying Yi for photography, EJECT for his Invite Artwork, Casey Chen (again) for his beautiful lamps. and Jeanette Goh for equipment. And to the many others who had contributed, Thank You lots :x



Presenter 1

Liew Hanqing
Speaking Machinima [Film]

Machinima is the use of video game footage to create original movies. My foray into machinima began with a short movie called The Importance of Being Elite, which was later featured on the local satirical humour website Using Electronic Arts’ Sims 2 platform, I began creating other short movies - mostly music videos - to hone my skills in various aspects of machinima; namely set-building, character creation, camera work and movie editing. Video games like The Sims have their limitations, but the challenge of machinima is in overcoming them to create the visuals you want.

Machinima is also an accessible form of film-making which virtually anyone can participate in. Speaking Machinima is an introduction to the world of machinima as I know it, and a presentation I hope will inspire more people to use machinima as a form of creative expression.

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Presenter 2

Shaun Koh
Cinematic Insanity Asia [Film]

Shaun Koh calls himself a “Picturemaker”. After 2 years of national slavery, he made three short films this year. His film “THE LADY AND THE VAMP” won the second prize at the Canon/Digital Life DV Triathlon 2007, also clinching the top prizes in Creativity and Editing. Another short “RISK” was funded by the National Council of Preventive Gambling and has been screened for 60,000 students through school programmes. It also has received over 250,000 hits on the portal His third film this year, “a roMantic Mystery of Monster Matrawk laden with MSG” has been screened in festivals in Singapore and Malaysia.

Shaun is currently in the midst of writing numerous short films, as well as his second feature screenplay.

Shaun also likes Dublin Mud Slide. He really does. You should buy him some.

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Presenter 3

Chun Kaifeng
Me, Myself and All [Art]

Kaifeng recently held his first solo exhibition titled, ‘Me, Myself and All’ at the Esplanade Tunnel.

He makes charcoal drawings, and sculptures liken to architectural models, dioramas or a mini toyworld.

He is drawn towards notions of private/public space and of territory and structure. His work speaks of the need for individuality and freedom along with conflicting desires for security and a relationship with the community.

Presenter 4

Little Red Dots
Joining the Dots [Art & Design]

Little Red Dots (LRD), a collective orientated art and design initiative based in Singapore comprises artists Nathaniel Walters (US) and Nick Charnley (UK): Mickey Koh is an amorphous third member. The company was founded in November 2004 with the intention of designing and producing products. Whilst this is still very much one of the main driving forces of the organisation, Little Red Dots has evolved into something much more.

Key public works in their portfolio are PLATFORM at the Singapore Art Museum, November 2005 and Kuo Chuan lifestyles at LRD’ work/live space in Katong in July 2006. Other notable events and activities include S.A.D., Room for Living, Ecoluxe 2007, MWOS and Coasters.

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Presenter 5

Urich Lau
Transference of Media [Photography & Video]

Transference describes the act of transferring something, or the process of being transferred. It is also described in psychoanalysis as a state of redirecting emotions to a substitute, another person.
In Transference of Media, the media that I use are photography, print, and video, and images produced are made transferrable within the methods.

The still-images and moving-images are dialectical in the image-making process where one is captured in time versus one conjured with time.

Taking artists and art figures as models, my work involves the recording and documenting of such images in sequences pertaining to the ideas and manisfestations of art practices in the given context. In the course of these documentations, the use of narrative and fiction may be engaged. Sets of sequences are transferrable, in a state of redirection for the way images are responded in these different media - these substitutes.

Presenter 6

Dioxide: Quck Zhong Yi & Jerome Lee
WOOONDERLAND [Architecture]

WOOONDERLAND is a shop designed by DIOXIDE, where shoppers and clothes take centre stage with their animated hues in a dematerialised space of distorted reflections.

DIOXIDE is an open design collaboration between two guys who are trained in architecture, Jerome Lee and Quzy. They first met in ROJAK 07.

Presenter 7

Understanding Felicity upon Catastrophe [Art]

Viewing body as a three dimensional form on a two dimensional surface, the oeuvre suggest the relationship between the ‘Body’ as a form of ‘Nature’ and ‘Changes (modifications)’ being a form of ‘Culture’, do not persist in the realm of co-existence, but rather they emerge as ONE. ‘ONE’ being the factual proposition of a form, creates the mobility of changes and reacting ambivalently.

This project targets to explore the approach of the body mutilation issue and ways in which people take charge to deal with their emotions, trying to secure well-being. The aim of this project is to capture and illustrate the interest of the reverse psychology, experiencing and sharing the doleful lives if this group of people, and also, accepting them for who they are.

Presenter 8

Sun Koh
Lucky 7 : An exquisite filmmakers movement [Film]

In September 2006, Sun Koh founded the LUCKY 7 film movement to remove unnecessary competition among local filmmakers. What results is an empowering alliance of 7 filmmakers whose positive energies attracted the interest and participation of many more collaborators.

An exquisite-corpse movie by the same title came to fruition via the mish-mash of creative energies. This is only the start of creative comraderie in the film circle. Everyone is invited to join in the LUCKY 7 film movement.

You only need honesty, integrity, and a truly collaborative spirit to begin.

Presenter 9

Choy Ka Fai
Performative Electronics and Human Interventions [Multi disciplinary]

Ka Fai will talk about his research on interactive audio-visual, the dilemma to preserve the “human touch” in our increasingly automated world and the interaction between thehuman and digital performing body. Through three of his directorial works, he will share his experience and creation process across the various disciplines of visual arts, interactive media, sound, text and dance.

New media artist and performance director, Ka Fai creates interdisciplinary and collaborative projects.

As the co-artistic director of ‘Kill Your Television’ (KYTV), his directorial works have toured to London, Berlin, Yogjakarta , Seoul , Fukuoka and Taipei since 2004.Presently, he is an associate artist of TheatreWorks, Singapore.

Presenter 10

Tan Szue Hann
What is Your City? [Architecture]

“What is your city?” is a question that I have posed, time and again, to anyone at all who is interested in urban lifestyle, to self-confessed urbanites for whom the city is a constant source of energy and buzz, and to fellow quarter- centenarians that have just escaped the grip of carefree abandon and have begun to ask themselves questions about their own identity.

At some point, a respondent remarked, “My city is my life.” Perhaps it was that this respondent was addressing the question at a certain philosophical level that piqued the interest of the crowd. I shall borrow this response to introduce my work, which deals with addressing the city at a level that goes beyond the physical infrastructure of the city, and straight into a collective concern for what defines the city – specific to every individual.

By introducing media architecture and creating a designed system for which, the city becomes an entity that is read, created and defined by the individual, and yet appreciated as a collective.