ROJAK 07: "Save the Modern Building" Series

10th February 2007, Saturday night 8pm at Pearlbank Apartments, Penthouse One, 37th Floor.

FARM will like to Thank Ed Poole for sharing his dropdeadgorgeous apartment, view & building with us. We also like to Thank Kelvin for resident hosting, OCTOPUS for printing, Case Woo for his sound system, Yong for his Invite Artwork, and last but not least, Jean Tsai who helped in many ways got this ROJAK venue. And to the many who had contributed, Thank You.



Presenter 1

Lee Jin Pyn
Thoughts from The Elephant and the Tree [Writing & Illustrations]

Once there were 3 good friends - big elephant, tall tree, and somewhat little human.

Together the eletree trio thought and they thought and they thought.

And because they thought, they had to talk - for other ellies, trees,
and tiny tots.

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Presenter 2

Tang Ling Nah
Send Me An Angel 寻觅, 天使之间 [Art]

Send Me An Angel. Why an angel? Who is this angel? Where can we find an angel? Is there an angel in us, between us, amongst us?

This is not a presentation that deals with the supernatural. It is an overview of Send Me An Angel—the second solo art exhibition by Tang Ling Nah. Tang will provide glimpses to the drawing installation she has done for this show, and talk about its conception, working process and materials.

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Presenter 3

The Flying Inkpot Theatre Team
The Flying Inkpot [Theatre]

The Flying Inkpot Theatre Reviews (headed by Kenneth Kwok and Matthew Lyon) was launched in 1996 to create an online platform for writing about the theatre and dance scene in Singapore. Despite being staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers, it has grown from strength to strength over the years, and has established itself as the longest-running theatre and dance review magazine in Singapore, as well as the most commonly cited online periodical in Singapore theatre press. Besides current reviews, the site includes a listings page for upcoming productions and opportunities, as well as a searchable archive of over 500 reviews over the past ten years.

Tonight, the Inkpot team seeks to discuss issues related to criticism in Singapore, both online and offline, as well as to increase awareness of its function and to encourage contributions, both in the form of online comments as well as recruitment of writers, so as to offer better coverage of the growing theatre and dance scene

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Presenter 4

Quck Zhong Yi
Augmented Architecture [Architecture]

To demonstrate a pro-active approach of Architecture vis-à-vis emerging technologies, Augmented Reality is applied in Urban Space and Architecture to create new spaces, forms, and human interaction.

Born in 1980, Quck (“Quek” mispelt in pre-war Malaya), studied in Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture Paris with taxpayers’ money via PSC, graduated in 2005 with a Master of Architecture, and is currently serving time in NS. Jack of all trades and master of none, with particular interests in multimedia arts, Quck hopes to keep his creative neurones alive by fiddling with other like-minded people on stimulating ideas and projects.

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Presenter 5

Jasmine Seah & Jennifer Koh
Light is like Water [Poetry & Photography]

Inspired by Jennifer Koh’s photographs —inscribed with a vigorous love for the mundane and the momentary— Jasmine Seah writes her poems, not exactly describing the pictures, yet making a connection to them.

The pictures were first taken when Jen was studying abroad. But where is this book, you may ask. And the two of them will tell you that it’s everywhere.
“We like that, having no particular point of reference, and taking each day as it comes to find that place. No, it’s not Singapore, and it’s not England. Some of it is Thailand and Vienna, but it doesn’t make a difference. There are harder places to map.”

Presenter 6

Ming Wong
Malaya Star Productions [Art and Film]

Ming Wong is an artist exploring performance, moving image, language and cultural identity who has been based in London since 1996. He has been selected for a year long residency at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin, starting from August 2007. In Singapore, he may best be known for his video work “Four Malay Stories”, in which the artist re-enacted scenes from four P. Ramlee movies, playing all the parts himself, and including out-takes as testimony to his imperfect Malay. He is currently in Singapore to seek resources and collaborators for his upcoming film projects

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Presenter 7

My life in Gardensilly (so far) [Art]

Eeshaun is a 26 year-old illustrator who enjoys the immediacy and the burst of spontaneous, humorous drawings, and tries to challenge logic, rigidity and perspective in his art. He’ll be sharing 10 of his favourite projects, some personal experiences on his work and life as an illustrator, and also what Gardensilly means to him (something he’s still trying to figure out after nearly 2 years).

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Presenter 8

Sha Najak
Fiza (Atmosphere) [Photography]

FIZA was a spiritual journey to India, through my eyes. I loved taking shots of the people I met or come across in India because for me, personally India is vibrant because of its people and culture. The culture shock, I readily embraced since this was a childhood dream. I became part of India and its everyday bustle and felt truly at home. I felt, the air was still everywhere I go and imagined by Indian-born grandfather to be trudging about the places I went to visit. It was home.

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Presenter 9

Ng Yi-Sheng
"Last Boy" and other Autopornographies [Poetry]

Ng Yi-Sheng is a freelance writer with a background in poetry, playwriting, arts reportage. He will use the themes of nudity and exhibitionism to tie together the various projects he’s involved himself in lately, including his first collection of poetry, “last boy”, to his non-fiction documentary book “SQ21: Singapore Queers in the 21st Century”, to his upcoming play “251: The Annabel Chong Story”. He will also discuss the development of his habit of staging wearable art interventions at government/state media-endorsed events, as well as his conflicts between being a writer, an artist/activist and a dirty exhibitionis

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Presenter 10

Willie Koh
Elefant [Film]

Based on Cyril Wong’s poem If...Else, Elefant tells the story of an unbreakable psychic bond between a young man and his estranged father.

His preoccupation with a missing elephant he saw on the street parallels his longing for his missing father.