14 October 2006, Saturday night 8pm at Little India's backlane, 22 & 22A, Rowell Road.

FARM will like to thank Casey, Darren & Nicholas for hosting us this evening and also in short notice as our attempt at Pearl Bank is postponed. We also like to Thank Kelvin Ang (ever!) for resident hosting, OCTOPUS for printing, Nicholas again for the Equipment, Aiwei for the Invite Artwork and to the many who had contributed.



Presenter 1

Lim Woan Wen
Light Matters [Lighting Design]

As someone with roots deeply set in the theatre, Woan Wen takes a walk through 7+1 key projects in this evening’s presentation to trace how the role of light has evolved in her works - from the conventional mode of being an integrated element of a stage production to becoming a performer on its own.

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Presenter 2

Samuel Woo & Alecia Neo
Shitlosophy: Chapter One- Everyone Shits. [Photography]

Same. Everyone does the same things everyday. Everyone goes through the same routine everyday. Everyone gets born, age and die. Everyone does the same shit everyday.

I cannot imagine myself capturing the essence of death of people
(it does come to all, the equality treatment god spares none)

So I want to capture the other kind of essence- the toilet one.

Everyone shits.

In my imaginescapes, I see people doing the inevitable everyday. the going to toilet, the letting-go. No matter who you are – some big ass politician, some freaking celebrity, some pornstar, some untouchables, some ordinaries, you all shit. I see their faces filled with the urgency to push at first, then releasing it, that look on their face – almost like orgasm isnt it (but not everyone has sex, so no go.) priceless look, I say.

I wanna capture that in my photographs. Of people doing their business, and look, i come back into naming it into a taboo again, when all of this is just plain normal to anyone.

Lee Kwan Yew shits too, and I bet half my brain he thinks of strategies
while he shits.

Presenter 3

Ho Tzu Nyen
Some Projects (2003-2006) [Art]

Ho Tzu Nyen makes projects.

His first project was Utama - Every Name in History is I’ an installation of film and paintings first exhibited at the Substation, then at the 26th Sao Paulo Biennale (2004), and the 3rd Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale (2005). The film was shown at various film-festivals, such as the Bangkok International Film Festival (2004) and Hong Kong International Film Festival (2006), and was voted by the film critic Alexis Tioseco in The Senses of Cinema as one of the three best short films of 2004. Utama has also been transformed into a performance lecture, presented at ICA London (2005), Fringe Festival, Bangkok (2005). This year, it was presented at Kunsten Festival des Arts, Brussels, at the Rijksacademy and Netherlands Theater Institute in Amsterdam, and Singapore Theatre Festivals.

In 2005, he completed 4 x 4 – Episodes of Singapore Art .The project included amongst other components, four short films scripted and directed that were broadcasted over 4 weeks on Arts Central. This work was last shown at ‘Move on Asia’, in Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo, as well as in ARGOS, Brussels.

This year, Tzu Nyen has produced The Guernica Project, at ARCO, Madrid, and The Bohemian Rhapsody Project, at the Singapore Biennale. He also co-directed a play, King Lear – The Avoidance of Love for SPARKS, at the Esplanade.

He writes on film and the visual arts, and is the Singapore Desk Editor for the magazine Art Asia Pacific (US).

Presenter 4

David Lee
Lanky Lee's Life in London [Graphic Design]

David loves photography, dance and all things aesthetically pleasing.

He hung up his jazz shoes three years ago and left for London in pursue of his other interest – graphic design.
He has since graduated from Central Saint Martins and is currently working as designer for one of Europe’s leading consumer insights and trend forecasting company –
where he spend his days churning out dossiers, reading magazines and investigating what’s hot (or not!) in design scenes around the world.

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Presenter 5

Soultwister [Character Design]

Starry starry little twinkles
Across the sky they shine
Fun and laughter are whenever they mingle
But they play only with their kind

Fearing what they know not, they hate what they fear
O these clueless little stars
Their hatred is deep and weapons they heap
And yes they do leave nasty scars

A place of endless violence and forlorn
Was Vincent the Dull Star born
Not meant to exist way up high
Vincent soon fell from the sky... (to be continued)

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Presenter 6

Shubigi Rao
All Art Is Garbage [Art]

All Art is Garbage…

This work initially appeared in 2004, involving an installation of fragments and remnants of garbage from Singapore’s shorelines, as well as actual and altered scientific theories and facts, pseudo-maps, drawings, and etchings. Bacteria, insects, studies of mud flows, shoreline erosion, geology, archaeology, pseudo-science, museology etc; all appear in the work.

I created elements of interactivity by using objects that were tactile and invited handling, while being visually deceptive, holding the potential to surprise and awaken an understanding of leftovers from a different perspective, using the persona of a pseudo-archaeologist to lend credence to the artifice. What is art after all, but garbage salvaged from the dustbins of history!

These various fragments formed a picture of shifting layers, much like geological stratification. I hoped to convey a sense of the weight of ages by using these ‘leftovers’ of our own civilization (our potsherds!) and to painstakingly recreate artefacts worthy of excavation. The use of materials like Styrofoam points to the traces we will leave behind us when we in turn are extinct. Essentially, this was an attempt at the interpretation of human history through its leftovers.

In its current mutation, it has devolved from art back to garbage, for over the course of the last year or so, sitting in a corner of my studio space, it had become a repository of junk, failed work, or artwork that simply took up too much room on my table, all crammed in with the original bits and pieces of the artwork. I would imagine that might make an interesting comment on the artwork unintentionally becoming garbage (talk about irony!).

Presenter 7

Design Exercises in Thoughts & Methodology [Graphic Design]

I ORD in 2 days time and I’ve had an incredible journey throughout my 2yrs in army. Of which I had learned a great deal from. Still, I cannot be happier about leaving the armed forces.

To stay in touch with Design, I worked on self -initiated design exercises which helped me a lot in formalizing my ideas and approach. These design exercises took a long time to complete as I had very little time between army and resting. Personally, I believe that Design is a language. This vocabulary is developed through a rich collection of personal experiences and stimuli. How a person commands his Design language dictates the style of his thoughts, processes and solutions. I draw heavily from my personal experiences in my effort to come up with unique solutions. By doing so, I try to create work where the audience are able to relate to and can bond emotionally to.

So my presentation will be some of the projects I am very proud of and the methods and thought process that I used and experimented with to accomplish them.And accomplishing them, the lessons I’ve learned and how they have helped me.

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Presenter 8

Jane Porter
Spurts, Excuses and Deadlines []

Having not done any non-commissioned work for this year, I finally set the excuses asideand dig out the ol’ camera and props. Alongside past glories (of animated clutter), a new project involving a tiny cctv camera will be discussed.

Presenter 9

I am a white dog. My name is Bobby. [Illustrations & Graphic Design]

Once, there was a little white dog. Bobby was his name. He had a bunnyfriend, Wabbit. Wabbit wore a white Y-front. They loved to travel and left their marks at lampposts all over the world. Bobby wrote a collection of shorts stories and made some Wabbit plush because he really liked his friend. One day, a skinny puppy came to their door. “I think he is hungry.” Wabbit said. Bobby looks at the puppy and said. “Hello Hungry.” And so, Bobby, Wabbit and Hungry played together happily ever after, The End.

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Presenter 10

Shaun Paul Singh
7 Sins [Art]

Who among us has not enjoyed a sin or two? Pride, Envy, Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Gluttony and Lust. 6 emerging artists call upon the deadly seven to bring you their ruminating takes on their favourite transgressions.

Seo Chiau Ling enthusiastically projects Greed into her illusionary space installations; The expressive strokes of Ann Choo’s paintings discusses the effects of wrath and pride in oneself; Mathilda Liew’s serial paintings begs indulgence in the common man’s thirst for gossip; Dan Lim chooses photography to explore Sloth and its place in society; Shaun Paul Singh represents Lust in his graphic portrayal of gender roles and relationships. Finally Usha Bragenshyam’s ceramic installation proves that the deadly seven exists within the office.

So forgive them for confessing to you in this first public exhibition by these six emerging artists.