ROJAK 05: "Save the Modern Building" Series

10 June 2006, Saturday night at Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Road Unit #04-16.

FARM will like to thank Five Star Travel for renting us cheaply. We also like to thank Kelvin Ang (ever!) for resident hosting, VERY! for photography, OCTOPUS for printing, Tang Ling Nah for the (last minute) but brilliant invite artwork and to the many who contributed.



Presenter 1

Han Kiang Siew
Fake Plastic Trees and Rubber Men [Multi-Disciplinary]

Kiang Siew’s works are often inspired by both urban conditions as well as natural landscapes. The dialectics between urbanism and nature are issues
especially pertinent to Singapore and Kiang Siew, through his interdisciplinary approach, hopes to evolve a cohesive reading and commentary on the contemporary issues that surround them.

A large part of his creative process bears a combinative streak. The works he creates, ranging from art installations, furniture design, to interiors and architecture, spring from an intricate inter-connective roadmap of his thinking. Their intra-influence is inevitable; these are essentially our contemporary visual cultural products that intersect in many ways.

Kiang Siew’s design objects inherit artistic traits in the way they take on a narrative quality or are inspired by certain conditions of our environment. His art is often similar to design objects in its processes of production and conception. He hopes that his works are enriched by this inclusive and combinative approach and that they would eventually be worth an inquiry and exploration by their audience.

Presenter 2

Jacklyn Soo
Where will You sleep tonight? [Photography]

The objective in the artwork is to create awareness of self-help therapy. A mental disorder called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a disorder that unenables the patient to detach themselves from their past traumatic experience, leaving them disillusioned of life in the real world. By personifying the trauma victim in daily routine environment, I seek to remind ourselves to leave our past traumatic experiences behind.

A PTSD patient lives a normal human life but he/she has certain vulnerabilities in social interaction. Pyjamas are material stereotype that reflects sleep and domesticity. It is seldom worn as a daily outfit outside of the home and also typically associated with bed-ridden persons. Perhaps, we are hiding behind a façade that does not allow us to come clean with our emotional unsettlements.

By challenging the stereotype, as I wear the Pyjamas, I was able to become a subject and reflection of a trauma victim in existence, portraying the various expressions and mannerisms of the person. In the photographs, I disguised myself by wearing a wig to set myself apart from the typical pyjamas wearer, in an effort to capture the publics’ attention as opposed to just wearing a pyjama alone.

By collaborating with a Photographer and using Photography as a medium, the intention is to document and capture real events as I move through public and private social spaces.

Presenter 3

Chong Li-Chuan
in quietude – an untimely meditation [Music]

A shared moment in quietude, an untimely visit to Cage, Sontag, and Wittgenstein, Chuan would like to request for your audience to explore the aesthetics and meanings of silence.

Presenter 4

Haslinda Abdul Rahman
Formless [Art]

Mark-making with a diverse range of media, artist Haslinda Abdul Rahman creates subtle shifts in texture, depth and tone in her monochromatic paintings. Through her experimentation,
the unique qualities of each medium are emphasized; challenging the viewer’s perception of surface finishes.

Her canvases are primed with enamel paint, its inherent reflective quality mirroring the space around the work. The relationship between the work and surrounding space, the work and the viewer, are examined. Haslinda Abdul Rahman graduated from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts in 2005. Having exhibited widely in local group exhibitions, her first solo exhibition will be held at Plastique Kinetic Worms this June.

Presenter 5

Lim Si Ping
PixelPastry [Illustrations]

Ever since the launch of my freelance business PixelPastry in October 2005, I have since then worked with international and local clients which include PumaTalk, Frederik Johannson,
Audit Alliance, Speak Mandarin Campaign, Get The Funk Out, etc. I am currently at my first year in LASALLESIA, College of the Arts and discovered my interest in design when I was 15 - the age when I was first introduced to photoshop during an art class. My works have attracted magazines and website to publish and feature my works. My works have been featured by magazines and websites such as Computer Arts Magazine, Emblem Magazine, Spunk Magazine, Imagine Publishing Magazine..... etc. This year, I am looking forward to getting to know more local designers and collaborators

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Presenter 6

Boo Junfeng
The Changi Murals: For the Generation in Oblivion [Film]

A lyrical look at a set of five biblical murals that changed the lives of countless prisoners-of-war during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore. The murals still exist in a military airbase
today, tucked away and forgotten.

“Men were so accustomed to death as to become callous, almost totally callous… Three and a half years… It’s a long time to wait to expect death” – Stanley Warren, painter of the Changi Murals.

I was inspired to make this film when I visited the original Murals in Changi Airbase with a group of Australian war veterans and their family members. Changi had such significance to their lives, yet I, the only native on board the bus, had to be told the history of the place I live by them.

Today, we live oblivious to the events that took place only sixty years ago on this island. Hidden in the airbase are these paintings that speak so much of the spirit of humanity my generation knows so little of. Only the old trees that line the roads in Changi bear witness to history.

This film turned out to be the most challenging work I have done thus far.

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Presenter 7

Aiwei Foo and Dennis Tan
See You Tomorrow [Product /Art]

Aiwei Foo and Dennis Tan of see you tomorrow, have wonky eyes for aesthetic and it had probably got to do with their interdisciplinary background.

For this presentation they will attempt to present their thoughts and recent works. They usually work in series, best described perhaps as an assemblage/ bricolage/folly, which they modifiy, re-assemble or arrange ‘readymade’ into art or design objects. Their approaches requires them to behave as bricoleurs, tinkerers or a jacks-of-all-trades, in a ‘make-do’ situation.

Often they sketch the ideas while at the same time, allowing it to morph or collapse as possibilities in life-like situation.Their works examine or exemplify the rituals/habits and their relation with material culture within specific social contexts.

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Presenter 8

Singapore Idols [Photography]

“The search for a Singaporean identity through an exploration of local characters and stereotypes, their
fashion, work and environments. A look at Singapore with humour, strength and love.”

See for more.

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Presenter 9

Ling Hao
24 Months [Architecture]

24 months on, a 2 storey derelict shophouse in the Mount Sophia area has been transformed into something else. The owners, a young couple, had bought the house from a Chinese clan
in an auction, inspired by the fact that the neighbours to both sides were small shops selling Indian sari fabric materials, and that it was a good buy!

In this period, the Fragrance Hotel sharing the back service road has completed construction and started operation, the Mount Emily condominium to the front has risen from massive earthworks to a multilevel precast edifice. The young couple had a baby, named Keenan after an American military figure, and acquired another house. The other house is 2000sqft + spread over 2 floors, unlike this shophouse of 1300sqft + spread over 7 rooms and 5 levels. The husband says this is the bachelor’s pad he should have had.

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Presenter 10

Casey Chen
I Thought of That Before [Product Design]

Having graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Design, Casey Chen has been in the design field for over a decade and is experienced and versatile with various aspects of design, particularly in graphic arts. His works have been recognised regionally and internationally in the fields of corporate branding and corporate identities, and have won him design awards
from New York.

Deriving from his passion for print as a medium of communication, he is constantly able to express the versatility of this medium in innumerable innovative and sophisticated forms that are never lacking in originality and wit. His works are multi-dimensional where simple and arresting images are used to convey clever visual or written pun. His intuitive approach celebrates the relationships between people, objects and the environment, hence creating sensitive pieces of work that combine clear concepts and logical problem-solving. This flair for ideology and
life, and belief in the simplicity of design that is uncluttered and direct constantly inspires works that are communicative and transcend time.

Casey Chen’s inherent talent coupled with his versatility have borne impactful works and at the same time embody a strong sense of personal expression --- an ever exciting and always refreshing concoction.

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