10 March 2006, Friday night at Theatrework's studio, 72-13, Mohamed Sultan.

FARM will like to thank 72-13 for Space2. We are very happy to be Creatives-in-Residence of 72-13 SCAN this year! We also like to Thank .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for the Stacy-inspired invite artwork, Kelvin Ang for resident hosting, VERY for videography, Homespun & BeautifulEverydayObjects for the pretty lamps and to the many who had contributed.



Presenter 1

Terence Lin
(Fabric)ated Buildings & TVs [Art]

Fabricate (verb): to bring into being by combining, shaping, or transforming materials; to create or think of by clever use of the imaginationFabric (noun) : STRUCTURE, Building; underlying structure ; FRAMEWORK ; TEXTURE, QUALITY - used chiefly of textiles, the arrangement of physical components (as of soil) in relation to each other ; CLOTH : a material that resembles clothThe built environment and televisions are recurring motifs in my works. The combination of fabric, embroidery and paintings in these works has allowed me to explore different methods of art and image making.

Presenter 2

Colin Seah
Please Make Room : New Hotel Typology [Architecture]

“I felt that circumstances were ripe for redefining conventional Hotel Room Typology. The key ingredients were there – an enlightened client; an open-ended brief without much limitation; a receptive local climate for alternative design and a rich architectural context to draw from.”

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Presenter 3

Tan Shir Ee
Do Not Disturb: Integrating Artwork in the New Majestic Hotel [Curatorship]

Art Consultant and Director of Asian Art Options, Tan Shir Ee will give an insight on the process of integrating artwork in a space, with the New Majestic Hotel as a case study. Beyond just being a hip design hotel, the new majestic is also a dedicated champion of local culture and art.

Presenter 4

Singapore Uniquely [Photography]

What is Singapore Uniquely?Unsurprisingly, it was the Singapore Tourism Board’s “Uniquely Singapore” campaign that put the question front and centre: how unique is Singapore? Curious, I set out to find the answers. Exploring the question through social documentaries has allowed me to rediscover this place I call home. Taking a closer look at the happenings of the garden city state brought me new insights and thus Singapore Uniquely was born. As its name suggests, Singapore Uniquely sets out to showcase the things unique to Singapore, from HDB to COEs and the Merlion park to our $600 million “durian” arts centre. I think of it as Singaporeans’ guide to Singapore, beyond the neat streets and glossy pictures.

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Presenter 5

Aaron Teo
Iconography, Branding or Chio Bu? [Art]

My works are a reflection of the mass media, thus the Chio Bu comes in, attract & divert attentions like what mass media does to the viewers. My Icon which always gets involved with the Chio Bu is partially something deep within my subconscious which I have no idea what it really means, therefore I want my viewers to guess and find the answer regarding my Icon lurking around in my works for me & themselves. For what I could say consciously about my Icon is that, it’s my Branding & the Brand of all my works and when the viewers see it, they will know it’s me.

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Presenter 6

Mei (a.k.a The Analog Girl)
I've Been To Paradise [Music]

The electronic buzzing of honey bees amongst a bed of wild flowers presented a microscopic view of a larger universe, an outer space. The backyard garden of a circus in Paris was where I found my sense of wonder - a special place I call paradise. It was summer and the sky was pink. Teased by the industrial sounds of a passing train in the background, I gave a live electronic music performance to Stella improvising on trapeze and Thom dancing with fire.It was beautiful. While it lasted. Months after, the Cirque Electrique had to pack up and move. But I am pretty certain that paradise can travel.

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Presenter 7

Chng Nai Wee
Organix [Art]

Organix is a series of works depicting the biological tissues of the human body and the natural world. It is an impression of the innards that is artistically rendered. Chng Nai Wee draws inspiration from the anatomical dissections he has participated in at the hallowed halls of the College of Surgeons. Organix is a development from the artist’s Histologics series of works which depict histological sections of the natural universe. Adnexa such as arteries, veins, lymphatics, nerves, bone, soft tissue, adipose tissue, connective tissue, skin, ligaments, and tendons, interplay with organs such as the eye, the heart, and the brain. There is an inherent design logic and aesthetic nous in these biologicals structures that the artist appreciates and aims to translate in Organix.

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Presenter 8

Jason Ong
The Scheme Of Things [Furniture Design]

jienshu is an independent outfit by product designer Jason Ong. The projects thrive in the conceptual realm of design, exploring what furniture could possibly be, beyond serving function and form. With the tendency to see furniture as a reflection of the human self, it becomes a playful medium to express the many human relationships, ideals or idiosyncrasies. The work culminates in a search for a personal identity and new ways to perceive furniture.The presentation highlights the conceptual development behind the 4 pieces of work exhibited recently at the SaloneSatellite and the Singapore Art Museum in 2005.

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Presenter 9

Zheng Xupeng
Processing > Skin-graft [Art]

Skin-graft: a medical operation in which healthy skin is removed from one part of the body & use on another to replace damaged skin.This process marks an analogy of my current practice in which involves the process of pouring of resin and transferring of paint from palette onto a surface (canvas). My area of discovery also engages in observation on the existence of corporeal & inanimate objects. According to this view, all objects were hardly be discerned in its essence and only its sensorily perceptible outer skin- its ‘appearance’ points to its existence.

Presenter 10

Jeremy Sing
A-Wake [Film]

he first time I visited the funeral shops in September last year, I was amazed at how sophisticated the funeral business was. For the purposes of my script, I now know how to run a funeral complete with a live band. Funerals are one of the most colorful parts of life in Singapore and have been enjoying a ‘boom’ of late. It gave me some inspiration to write a story on it. Something a little wild. So short of doing a funky funeral song and dance number MTV style, I decided to explore this little funny idea of mine.It’s been a long time since I have personally experienced a wake other than other people’s wakes. I was in Primary 2 then in 1985. For me then, it was a spectacle…so many interesting sights to behold. But ‘A wake’ the film is not just about the wake, it also means the spiritual, emotional awakening that comes with it. Some people don’t pay attention to what is going on their own family until an event like this comes along.

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