3 Dec 2005, Saturday night at 3 Starlight Road, Near Farrer Park MRT Station & p-10.

FARM will like to thank Khay Hon for his lovely space, Nobody for the provocative invite artwork, Nanchyuan for hosting, Angeline Swee for photographing, Richard Ho Architects for projection (again!), Case Woo for sound (again!!), Daniel Koh & KT for DJ-ing(!!!). and to the many many who had contributed. FARM really appreciate the sharing of the ROJAKers who came and presented. Also, we also hoped that our regular host, Kelvin Ang, gets well soon. To Sabrina Koh, whose presentation did not worked out, Sorries. Do get well soon too.



Presenter 1

Torrance Goh
Farming Systems [Web]

Started from ROJAK, FARM is a nonprofit setup interested in creating systems that are hopefully useful for the local creative network. Each systems work within themselves and in the macro sense of things, FARM the website becomes an essential tool that consolidates all these systems together. It is hence the cross-platform that hopefully interests non-involvers to start exploring into something unfamiliar, in the spirit of all the systems that are thought about. Today, we will present you with CAMPAIGN, a system about spreading ideas & BUFFET, an further investigation and consolidation of ROJAKs.

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Presenter 2

Brian Gothong Tan
Experimental Moving Images [Multimedia]

Past experiments & In-progress works presented in 3 segments:
1. Intermedia works with theatre
2. Experimantal 3D animation works
3. Experimental video works from some of my exhibitions.

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Presenter 3

Sabrina Koh
Person(age) [Art & Film]

This surrealistic video challenges the audience to carry on viewing what is perverse only in perception.

Presenter 4

Larry Seow
Memory Units [Fashion]

An exploration of the possibilities of using personal recollection of imageries as a strategy to develop into a process that could be used as a methodology, that will in turn provide multiple solutions for the continuation in dreaming of objects.

Presenter 5

Victor Lee & Jacqueline Yeo
Doubletakes [Architecture]

Same thing, different meaning.
A White Flat Open House Retrospective
[DOUBLETAKES]*2005 is conceived of as a retrospective mode of seeing and experiencing the recently completed event [WALLLESSLESSWALLS]*2005, in which a HDB White Flat was transformed into a gallery space with an exhibition of work and installation.

Presenter 6

Kevin Lim Sui Kuan
Oru Kiosk 1.0 [Architecture]

Oru-Kiosk is bred from the basic genome of folds. Oru comes from the root word of ‘fold’ in ‘Origami’. The starting impetus uses the structural concept of origami and simultaneously enforcing the discipline of material continuity.

The cross-fertilisation of a shop frontage and facilitating performance as urban furniture has resulted in the hybrid section. The folds are at strategic lines of stress and force to maintain rigidity in the overall structure. The articulations of the folds enable an emergent multiplicity of uses from plant troughs to reflective surfaces.

Presenter 7

Alfian Sa'at & Nicholas Li
Someone To Watch Over Me: Declassified Political Videos, 1998-2005 [Film & Performance]

We have, in our possession, a series of tapes believed to be made after the year 1998, when the Amendment to the Films Act was introduced. Each of the tapes has no title, but is simply labelled ‘Political Video’, followed by a number.

We believe that this is the work of more than one person. We believe that some of the videos are imitations, or forgeries. We will attempt a survey that will classify, periodise, and authenticate the tapes.

We believe that nothing is innocent.

Presenter 8

whatchamacallit thingamajig : 10 Contented Being [Fashion]

a series of silver/gold body pieces, produced during my study course of ‘jewelry/silversmithing’. they are not ornamental, most of them are deliberately “unwearable”, yet they are strangely beautiful and precious.
i like making things, making things makes me happy

Presenter 9

Zi Xi
Teri, Stacy and Msxi [ Illustration]

Teri’s Most Beautifuls is about the modern society that we live in, how we seldom question about where our food, clothes, daily necessities and etc come from, or who made them. We are consumers whom pay for what there is to buy, we consume without questioning. For the food we eat we seldom really know what they are made up of too, because we are all too self contained and we take these resources avaliable for granted.

Teri’s most beautifuls is a illustrated story that tells of our wastage of natural resources through a misadventure of 10 year-old Teri, of how the effects of thoughtless and destructive actions caused so much mess.

Presenter 10

Randy Ang & Nicholas Chee
只要为你活一天 I’ll Live A Day For You [Film]

The challenge was for 52 teams and 48 hours to produce a 5 minute video, saw as many as 43 returned entries. Among which is a tribute to acclaimed Hong Kong Actor/Director Stephen Chow’s award winning blockbuster, Kung Fu Hustle. “I’ll Live A Day For You” was directed by Nicholas Chee and produced by Randy Ang. Shot entirely on a shoe-string budget of $300 and borrowed equipment with cast comprising of “friend’s friend’s friend”. This first time film effort bagged both the Judges’ and Audience’s Choice at the recent Fly-By-Night Video Challenge.

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