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FARM debuts at Maison & Objet with two new collections from Singaporean designers Hans Tan and Grace Tan. Both collections were very well-received in Paris notably Hans Tan's "Spotted Nyonya". He was awarded the "Les Découvertes", a recognition for the best new product presented at the show.
Hans Tan Studio for FARM
Spotted Nyonya

Nyonya porcelain vessels (traditional domestic wares native to Chinese-Peranakans in South East Asia) are subjected to a surface treatment which overlays the original multicoloured pattern with a new dotted pattern. The technique is an industrial re-interpretation of the traditional resist-dyeing technique used to dye fabric patterns - a masked pattern is sandblasted so that areas protected by the mask are preserved, while the original glaze from unprotected areas are erased to expose the white porcelain beneath. Available only in a very limited quantity as each piece is hand-made by the artist.
Petrified Victoria

This is a family of petrified victorian silverware seemingly cast in solid surfaces. Preserved like fossils, they reflect the latent capacity of archetypical forms in leaving perpetual impressions on our mental faculties, where these cognitive imprints set our frame of references in describing the things around us.
About Hans Tan Studio

Hans Tan is a designer, curator and educator. As a practicing designer, he focuses on contextual research that yields conceptual propositions through design. His investigations in the field of design employs function as a medium, making objects that often explore values, rituals and materiality, with outcomes that saunter on the thick line between design and art. A winner of the Martell VSOP Rising Personalities Award 2009, his works have been shown in exhibitions such as “Singletown” at the Venice Biennale, “Surface art/design” in Dortmund and Cologne, and “No Boundaries” at ArtStage Singapore. As a curator, he has also developed projects and exhibitions such as “Rest & Relax” for Singapore Changi Airport, co-curated “MADE FOR SAM” for Singapore Art Museum, and “P for Paint” for NUS Museum. His penchant for design pedagogy includes developing imaginative thinking tools that provide novel approaches to the design process based on generative deformations, use of language and systematic reflection. He currently teaches at the National University of Singapore.
kwodrent for FARM

“Meander” is an attempt to reinterpretate an existing mesh-construction principle. The mesh-structure is a series of alternating cuts which forms a mesh-like pattern when pulled in opposite directions. The structure is commonly found in architectural metal mesh, protective foam net for fruits, as well as metal bread basket. On another note, this method resonates with kwodrent’s primary exploration of the transformative aspect of a 3D composition from a 2D surface. Shaped like a pebble, each design is a meditative play of proportion and intensity between the laser-cut lines and base. There are 4 designs in 4 sizes available for this series. Additionally, there is also a range of pre-moulded Artisan compositions available in 24 carat gold-plating.

“Poppy” is a collection of laser-cut disc based on the highly symmetrical geometric properties of a circle and the triangulation of points in 3-dimensional terrain reconstruction. Each series of laser-cut lines presents a possible pattern derived from the geometric construction of a circle. Reminiscent of the crushed petals of a poppy, the range marks a point of departure from the use of rectangle in form-making while retaining the primary feature of mathematically informed and organically moulded compositions. Users are invited to shape and mould the 2-dimensional disc into 3-dimensional vessels while experiencing the tactile property of laser-cut metal disc. For this range, there are 3 designs in 3 sizes. Additionally, there is also a range of pre-moulded Artisan compositions available in 24 carat gold-plating and chrome-plating.
About kwodrent

kwodrent is a cross-disciplinary practice founded by Grace Tan in 2003. She was formally trained in fashion design and lives and works in Singapore. Her areas of interest and development include patterns and constructions in structures as well as exploring the relationship between human body and its surrounding. Her works are highly experimental, often blurring the lines between fashion, fine art, architecture and mathematics. She has exhibited widely nationally and has represented Singapore internationally at London Design Week, Venice Biennale, State of Design Melbourne, Designtide Tokyo and Aichi World Expo. Grace also develops and teaches the design curriculum at School of The Arts, Singapore.
About FARM

FARM is a multi-disciplinary, award-winning design studio from Singapore. We want to experiment continually to find a position in design dialogues where disciplines are blurred creating delight for the everyday user. This effort converges into the FARM STORE, a product-making and distributing process which collaborates with a network of local designers, artists, institutions and manufacturers to make and distribute products with a twist on the Singapore identity. This system and online store support, promote, and sell an accessible and beautiful range of Singapore-designed products for everyone.

The two new collections will be available in FARM STORE from November 2011. Visit
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