Over the years, FARM has amassed a number of considerations and curiosities, surfaced through our projects. FARMACY is a repository for those thoughts and experiences. It is a space to gather, develop and share ideas or information encountered in our work. Through FARMACY, we hope to examine the trajectories of design hinted at today, contributing to a continuous discourse on topics intertwined with our industry and practice.

FARMACY Conversations: Hans Tan

Rituals of Remembering.

As the conception of the Founder’s Memorial gains momentum, this first series of Farmacy Conversations kicks off with some critical insight into commemorative practice and a nation’s ways of remembering.

How can architecture and design give agency to shed light on multiple historical narratives, rather than just one? Instead of a static monument that casts history in stone, can a memorial constantly evolve, projecting new narratives through generations?

Hans Tan delves deeper into innovating the ritual of remembering beyond the austere and nostalgic. The intricate act of remembering presents several ways in which it can be materialized, performed and re-thought about.

00:30 — Sharing of Students' Works
24:00 — Views on Founders' Memorial