We are often asked who we are and what we do.

FARM is many things at once. We are a cross disciplinary design practice.
We are an architecture atelier. We are a curatorial team. We are a community-centred
arts organization.
We even run a store.

We call ourselves FARM because we would like to cultivate a culture of imagination. Underpinning all we do is a belief that joyful creativity is essential in all our lives.
FARM endeavours to share with you that delight in each of our projects.

Since 2005, FARM has worked on community projects which promote the arts.
We organise national public art competitions and events. We arrange free quarterly talks by designers and artists. In 2007, FARM established its cross disciplinary design arm.
In collaboration with artists and designers, we work on a diverse range of projects. These include architecture & interior design, product design & merchandising, graphic design & branding, art installation & sculpture, exhibition design & curatorial work.


Our studio is made up of young, energetic, often eccentric but always insanely happy people. Our studio culture is where work and play mingle, intertwine and sometimes become indistinguishable. Despite the occasional hectic schedules and deadlines, we hold this dictum close to our hearts : "Work Hard & Be Nice to People".

Tiah Nan Chyuan
B.A. Arch., A.A. Dip. (U.K.)

As a little boy, Nan Chyuan would spend hours cycling around his neighbourhood, making sketches of houses he saw. And it was clear then that there was nothing he would rather do than architecture.

He finds beauty in geometry and patterns. From furniture pieces to urban planning, he believes that good design should be responsive, intelligent and sincere.

Architecture aside, Nan Chyuan likes to think that he is a semi-retired footballer.
Torrance Goh
B.A. Arch., M. Arch.

Torrance graduated with an architectural degree from the National University of Singapore. His adventurous spirit led him to work with Alsop Architects in their London and Singapore offices.

The love of the local and the arts prompted him to start up the FARM as a non-profit design and art society in 2006.

Torrance believes that his designs should be delightful and have an element of surprise.
Selwyn Low
B.A. Arch., M. Arch.

Selwyn has a childhood dream of becoming a stationery shop owner and thus his fascination with neatly-arranged books and pens in an array of colours.

He believes that good design should be accessible to the masses through clever and sustainable market structures.

Selwyn says that his happiest places to be are East Coast Park and Pulau Ubin but we think it's actually the old hawker centres dishing out yummy local foods.
Peter Sim
A.R.B. (U.K.), B.A. (Arch.), B. Arch.(Hons.)

After working in the UK for a few years, Peter returned to Singapore in 2006 to do something special. He got together with the guys at FARM and together they formed WORK.

Peter believes that architecture and design should be clever, responsible and never too straightforward.

Apart from good design, Peter loves fishing, his dogs, his baby girl and his wife, though not necessarily in that order. He would also like to be a vet.
Willie Koh
Adv. Dip. Film, B.A. Arch.

Besides being a self-professed hopeless shopaholic, Willie is a very good listener. He thinks that he would make a counsellor.

He finds pleasure watching the most obscure films at 3am in his attic.

When he retires one day, you would find Willie in a little French village with a vineyard in the backyard, wondering about the constellations at night.
Hong Weiming
Dip. Interior Arch.

More than just an interior designer, Weiming is FARM's resident plumber, electrician and the occasional IT specialist.

Having been in the industry for so many years, he has long forgotten the reason for taking up interior design but the satisfaction and joy he derives from it remains unwavering. When his eyes are not fixed on AutoCAD, he enjoys playing sports, uninterrupted quiet time, and his wife's lovingly-prepared bento lunches.

A nature-lover at heart, Weiming thinks that he would probably be a real farmer in a parallel universe.
Oh Wenxin
B.F.A. Visual Comm.

With a background in Fine Arts, Wenxin moved on to do graphic design. It is the farming of graphic ideas and the harvesting of the eventual products that delights her so much at FARM.

One of her greatest wishes is to live in a huge house with quirky designs (hopefully designed in collaboration with FARM).

When not at FARM, she would be travelling the world getting design inspirations from the tiniest corners. If not, then you would probably find her sleeping.
Hui Lian
B.A. Arch. (Hons.), M. Arch.

It is the aesthetics of spaces, objects and materials that brought Hui Lian into this line of work. She loves the funny people and large windows in the FARM house.

Multi-tasking is not her forte but she can drink teh and do her drawings at the same time.

Hui Lian is hopelessly afraid of living things with too many legs or no legs at all but surprisingly is cool with cockroaches and spiders.
Susanne Teng
B.F.A. Visual Comm.

Susanne, our lovable closet Ah Lian is a graphic designer at FARM. She has no idea why or how she begun graphic designing but nonetheless she enjoys every minute of it.

The flexibility and how opinions and thoughts can be voiced out and discussed openly are what she likes best about working at FARM.

Other than designing, she would love to sell ice-cream at a mama shop so she would have an endless supply to last her a lifetime.
Lucille Lee
Dip. Arch.

Judging from her love of fashion and cosmetics, one would think that Lucille is a fashion designer (or a pampered housewife) but no, she is our newest bubbliest interior designer!

Our mysterious girl is quite mum about what she does in her free time but we suspect it involves a whole lot of fun and aliases since she likes to imagine herself as someone else.

Like everyone in the architecture/interior design scene, Lucille is hatching a secret plan of building her own house in the mountains in a far far away land, maybe with a farm attached to it.
Rose Chen
Dip. Marketing

Rose has a knack for keeping things clean and tidy so the role of office manager is perfect for her.

Coming from an entirely different field, joining FARM has been a learning journey for her as she discovers the Arts and Design scene. Rose is another health-fanatic at FARM and she enjoys a jog every morning before going to the office.

Thoroughly down-to-earth, Rose is happy with what she has been blessed with and takes everything in her stride.
Valerie Seow
B.A. Marketing

Marketing is what Valerie is good at and that's what she's doing at FARM.

Managing FARM's product line and meeting all sorts of people is something she finds challenging and satisfying at the same time. And what really keeps her going is the ‘awesome and funny’ people at FARM.

Valerie's a true foodie, always hunting and exploring new food joints, checking off her list of ‘Live to Eat’ places. One day, she will be a lao ban niang (aka lady boss), with her own cafe offering gourmet coffee from all over the world.
Gareth Low
Dip. Furniture/Interior Design

Gareth wants to be a part of everything FARM does, from graphic to product to spatial design. Never afraid to get his hands dirty, he loves building things with his own hands!

He sincerely believes that even if he's not good at things at first, he will learn in the process and become better eventually and it will all come together as a whole.

Well if he ain't a designer, he would probably become a professional actor, soccer player, dancer, or a gamer...
Trina Ang
Dip. Interior Design

To witness design ideas turning into reality gives Trina a huge sense of satisfaction, especially when she's a part of the creation. She also claims to work in probably the happiest office in the entire building and that totally makes her day! Believe it or not, she was hooked onto design whilst watching home decor tv programmes where she discovered in wide-eye wonder how spaces got crafted.

One day you will find Trina with her best friend, baking in a house in New Zealand with a backyard of sheep.
Sarah Lew
Dip. Creative Media Design

Sarah the Surfer is what she hopes to be one day, complete with a killer tan and her beachfront house.

But until then, she's delighted to be a graphic designer - something she knew back in school when Art & Design classes were all she looked forward to.

She's also delighted to be in the company of other FARMers, whom she thinks are really great at what they are doing, and are generous to share their knowledge and skills. Her most fulfilling experience in work is that feeling of accomplishment of having learnt and completed something.
Clifford See
B. Arch. Design, B. Arch.

After completing his architectural studies in Melbourne, our ex-intern is back to FARM with a newfound sense of design sensibilities.

Infused with an Aussie laidback chill, Clifford found his design calling when he discovered how intricate forms of structures and sculptures are fabricated with just a simple thought. And the fact that designers are generally cooler people, helps alot too.

Clifford's really a chip off the old block - his dad is his greatest inspiration and guidance in life.
Kenneth Koh
B.A. Arch. (Hons.), M. Arch.

Kenneth is definitely intrigued with the unknown.

At a young age, he was fascinated by architectural blueprints and Louis Hellman's comics (courtesy of his engineer uncle) and was continually intrigued by the strange symbols and the new world of design & ideas. He knew then he will be an architect one day.

Filled with wanderlust, he enjoys travelling to different countries, experiencing their new cultures. His three idols are Alexander Mcqueen, Antoni Gaudi and Tim Burton - who are masters in creating alternate worlds and fantasies.

In his dreams, he will be a Willy-Wonkaesque eccentric owner of a theme park-cum-factory.
Cheung Yuting
BAppSc. Arch, M. Arch.

Stumbling into Interior and Architecture Design in polytechnic, Yuting didn't know what the course was really about then but he was happy to be accepted anyway.

Despite developing a genuine interest for Architecture, it took a few years of wandering and dwelling before firmly planting his feet. Now an Architectural Designer at FARM, things have come full circle for him.

Yuting has a secret talent of writing backwards and quietly loves drawing lines and shapes.


Fun. Witty. Arts-Loving. Enthusiastic. Meticulous. Responsible. Rigorous. Suave. Analytical. Savvy. Imaginative. Open-minded. Sensitive. Energetic. Lateral-thinking. Articulate. Precise. Courageous. Elegant. Passionate. Colourful. Cheerful.
If you are one of us, send your résumé and portfolio to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) today.
The open positions are as below.

Spatial Visualizer
  • Have a proven track record of delivering superior quality exterior and interior CGIs.
  • Preferably 2 to 4 years CGI experience
  • Have a in-depth knowledge of AutoCAD, V-Ray and Photoshop. Knowledge of Rhino would be advantageous.
  • An architectural or interior design background is beneficial.
Senior Interior Architect
  • With the relevant qualifications.
  • 4 to 6 years professional experience in project managing and execution.
  • Have experienced a mid-sized project from start to end.
  • Contributes to team effort through the spirit of cooperation.
  • Checks, coordinates and integrates work with other project team members.
Design Apprentice
  • We are always on the lookout for students who are keen to learn on the job
  • Architectural Design: Must be trained in architecture, modelmaking and digital spacemaking. AutoCAD and rendering softwares knowhows are a plus.
  • Graphic Design: Must be trained in branding, bookmaking and illustration. Adobe softwares knowhow is a must.

Find us


261, Waterloo Street,
#04-29, Singapore 180261
Call: +65 6336 1706
Fax: +65 6336 2706

FARM is located at Waterloo Centre, a classic HDB (a.k.a. Singapore's famous public housing) and podium block built in 1975, in Dhoby Ghaut, the central Arts & Heritage District of Singapore.


To find us, first take the lift near the kopitiam (brilliant chicken rice here!) up to the 5th floor where you will arrive at an unconventional mid-air void deck.

Walk down a floor and it's impossible to miss our signage. :)

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